Book Review Policies

After many, many months of freely accepting all books for reviewing, I have reached a point where certain guidelines must be established. I feel that in order to provide you—the author, publisher, etc.—with the best reviews and information possible, I need to be upfront and honest in regards to what I’m looking for as a reader, as well as the sorts of materials that are just not for me.

If you still have questions, comments, or other inquiries upon reading these policies, please feel free to contact me via the form at the end of the page.

Please note that I am an independently intellectual sort of reader. What that means is that I like to read a book to formulate my own opinions about them. In regards to books that are considered problematic, I especially like to do this so that I can better understand WHY something is problematic. If I do not engage with the novel, then I’ll never acquire a personal comprehension of what makes the title problematic to a person, or a group of people, and thus I’ll never truly be able to understand HOW exactly it is problematic. Diversity in literature is a very important subject for me, which includes finding and promoting books with equal and proper representation. I cannot be a voice or an advocate for change, I cannot participate in discourse towards a positive evolution in literature, if I cannot fathom where the changes need to made. I must engage with books that are construed to be problematic by reading it ON MY OWN so that I may devise MY OWN genuine thoughts, opinions, and understanding to become a more reliable and valuable voice in the fight for positive change. Please also note that this DOES NOT MEAN that I close myself off to listening to other people when they say that something has hurt them. In fact, I listen very intently so that I can be even more aware when engaging with such works. I wholeheartedly respect and encourage POSITIVE discourse in literature, as people are vastly and beautifully diverse as the books that we read should be.

Genres I
to Read & Review:

  • Speculative fiction, especially science-fiction & fantasy.
  • Literary fiction.
  • Historical fiction with a setting outside of America/The United States.
  • Asian literature (i.e.: literature written by Asians, preferably but not limited to: about Asians).
  • Stories that focus on gender, racial, and LGBT+ diversities.
  • Comics & graphic novels.

Genres I Will Consider for Review:

  • Middle-grade
  • Young adult
  • Non-Fiction
  • Religious, specifically for Jodo-Shinshu Buddhism & Islam

Genres I DO NOT Accept:

  • Erotica & romance
  • Sequels to serials I have not read
  • “Asian” literature, or novels about Asian people, written by a non-Asian person.
  • Picture books (i.e.: lower than middle-grade level readers)

I do offer exceptions in certain cases. If you have a book that I normally would not consider, but feel strongly about it, please feel free to contact me & explain why you feel I should make an exception (e.g.: you feel there are aspects of the book, based on my other interests, that I may enjoy, etc.).

Responses to all inquiries are provided within a 24-hour period during business days.


Updated: 27-October-2018


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