Review: Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica by Jeffrey A. Carver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just want to start off saying that I will not compare this to the original novels or original TV series because for me they are very different, too different for a proper comparison. Now, moving onward.

I loved the 2004 television series. It is by far one of my favorite shows of all time. Keeping that in mind, Battlestar Galactica the novel is basically just the literary version of the show. As I read this book, I very vividly pictured the episodes unfolding beautifully before my eyes.

I noticed that not many people like the writing of this novel. But I honestly have to say that I rather enjoyed it. It was not a poorly written book in any sense. The technical mumbo-jumbo was explained very nicely without making things sound overly complex. The space battle descriptions were smooth and very decently paced, and most importantly the emotions that are running on extreme highs is delivered with great execution. The tension, the fear, the grief, and the rage–you will feel all of it as you simply read one page after another. So, safe to say I didn’t have an issue with the writing at all!

The novel did, however, feel like it had somewhat of a sluggish start. The first 50 pages didn’t really grab my attention with hooks, but afterwards I was totally itching to finish. The sluggish aspects does come up sporadically throughout the novel. I think it’s less of the style and more in part due to the content. There are just some scenes where you have to take it slow to set the atmosphere and I was perfectly okay with that.

The ending obviously leaves you with the hint that there is much more to come (meaning more books!). I highly recommend the novels to people who have not had the chance to watch the 2004 TV series. If you just don’t have the time for it, then at the very least check out the books. They are not as well-done but definitely a great way to experience this fantastic piece of sci-fi. If you have seen the show, then I would say read the book if you want to re-experience the show without having to watch it all over again.

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