Review: Killer

Killer by Clarissa Wild

I picked this up because one of my friends just could not shut up about the series. So, I figured why the heck not, and gave ‘er a shot. I felt like these were thirty minutes of my life I just can’t get back.

I am a fan of dark erotica novels. It’s one of those guilty pleasures that I have, and I was really expecting this to be one for the genre, however. It turned out to be nothing more than a poorly executed romance story, with a wanna-be vibe for dark erotica. There were a few things about this novella that just made it feel like a waste of time.

First of all, the writing it not very good at all. The chapters are set up to where the perspective is switched between the main female protagonist and her male counterpart. The male character’s personality just comes off terribly horrid. I wish it was in the sense of, “Oh, he’s an asshole.” Instead, it’s more in the realm of, “Oh, his dialogue is so cheesy and repetitive, someone please shoot me now.” The woman wasn’t written nearly as poorly as Phoenix (the male villainy dude), but I feel like the author just couldn’t decide if she wanted to make her an assertive and intelligent being, or a ditzy lady who fakes a headstrong demeanor.

Characters aside, the story-line was extremely foreseeable. But in all honesty, how much “suspense” can you really pack into a novella that’s about 60 pages long? Predictability and chunkiness gave the piece an indecisive flow to the whole thing, which is just an all around bad combination in my book.

Moving on to my next element of disappointment. The book can be construed as erotica as there is a smut scene in it. Actually, strike that as there are two. The first one is just a quick summation of the duo getting it on, while the second scene is more detailed. It was probably the only part that seemed like it had been given any sort of thought. Why? Because it was the only scene that I had read where it flowed nicely, well to an extent. Where’s the disappointment, you ask? Well, let me elaborate. The sex was normal. It was a guy and girl who are attracted to one another and have their bit o’ fun. What bothers me is that this book has been classified as “dark erotica” and there is nothing dark in here at all. Having a (view spoiler) is not enough to classify this as “dark.” Being a fan of dark sexual literature, I was expecting some kind of BDSM, or other kink in that general realm. This has none of it, niente, nada. So, DISAPPOINTMENT.

I know that I don’t have anything truly nice to say about Killer but I will still give it two stars instead of one. Why? Bloody hell, because I don’t want to be a complete ass? Because other than the atrocious writing, if it had some proper love and attention it could have made a semi-decent romance read? We’ll stick with those, they sound good. Two terrible kisses out of five.

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One thought on “Review: Killer

  1. Good to see you back to reviewing, I enjoy your ability to be honest, when you don’t like a book, if anything you seem to nice to this one. Unlike most reviewers you have a really good talent of conveying your real feelings towards the books you review, and I always look forward to them, I hope this return is long lasting. 🙂


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