February Bookcase.Club UNBOXING!

I did it, I finally sucked it up and signed up for a monthly subscription box! I used to be subscribed to Loot Crate, but in all honesty, it just never felt like my money was being used for something worthwhile. After two months, I nicked that weed for good. Shortly afterwards, this subscription gimmick completely took off. Everywhere that I turned, I kept on hearing about one sub or another and to be perfectly frank, I felt immensely left out. This fad is going bonkers and I’m sitting on the sidelines twiddling my wee thumbs. So, I got off my ass and did some research. Where could I find a box that would not only fit my shopaholic yearning for a monthly deduction from my bank account, but would also provide me with things that would give my soul some satisfaction! Well… I never found the bugger, but my darling mate did! And here I shall present to you with… Bookcase.Club.


When he told me about this box, I rolled my eyes, naturally expecting a ridiculous monetary requirement with not enough product compensation. But I was delightfully wrong. I could go on a whole spiel about why this particular monthly conscription is better than all of the others out there… Lucky for you guys, I’m one lazy little prat! So instead, I’ll just sum it up with a few points below. Cheers!

  • Ten bucks a month for 2 books. I may not get a bunch of bibliophilic knickknacks, but hey who cares?
  • Six different themes to choose from. So, I can actually have a say in the genre of loot that I receive? Hell yes.
  • They’ll donate a book to a charity for every new/recurring sub they get. Giving back to the wee littles out there who can’t afford books of their own is just the downright decent thing to do!

Well, that about sums it up! I do want to yap about the first point I made. I know that getting little tidbits of jewelry, or bookmarks, or other toys (especially when it’s so difficult to find such things for the passionate bibliophile) can be a very alluring aspect of literature subs, but in actuality isn’t it just better to get more novels than junk? My darling received his first box and got a hardcover title that normally sells for $25. That was only half the package! I love that Bookcase.Club pays for itself (and then some) within the very first order!

Now, let’s get move on from the boring details and check out the loot! I signed up for a 3-month subscription plan. Gifting the plan to myself helps me prevent a recurring charge that I will forget exists. Nonetheless, I paid for everything up front and waited until the 1st for my box to ship out. The theme I chose for my first round is called Teenage Dreams, which consists of lots of young adult lit. Now for the unboxing… *silly drum rolling ensues*


BAM! Here it is ladies and gents (and kitties too)! The #BCCUNBOXING! (A hashtag rendered useless on WP? Hey, it told me to!). I popped her open and was greeted with two hardcovers! The excitement that beheld me in that moment was grossly fan-girlish. My mate, having received his box a day or two earlier, only received one hardcover and a trade paperback. That was the expectation that I… well, expected. So this parcel, while being immensely pleasant, was quite the shocker.

I went ahead and checked out the list price for these books and I am in awe. The Well’s End by Seth Fishman sells for $18 and Strange Sweet Song by Adi Rule is listed for $19! I think my entire three months of Bookcase.Club was paid in full with this box alone.  I also received a personal note from the creator of the whole shindig, which added a very nice touch to the whole package.

Truthfully, I think I may just have found a way to blow my moolah on something very rewarding. If you (or anyone you know) is remotely interested in a commodity such as this, go ahead and check out Bookcase.Club.

If you have any questions about it, they have an FAQ section on their site (which has been linked throughout this page of ramblings), or just drop me an inquiry. I reply super fast, promise!

Until next time, folks. Happy readings! ♥

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      • Yah … happy reading..,.. o (◡‿◡✿) Oh I want to share as someone who have d’ same hobbys. ‘m reading FRANKENSTEIN now by Mary Shelley dat published in 1977 when even ‘m not born yet. Its’ quite interesting reading an old book like this, like kind of masterpiece..,.. X’D

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