My Top 5 Bookish Beaus!

Return of the 5th Day to all of you Star Wars loving folks out there! When I saw the posts on Twitter this morning, it made me feel nostalgic for the latest installment in the franchise. I suppose I’ll need to pick up a copy pretty soon so I can properly marathon all of the films!

But today is not about Star Wars. Today is day about fun, silly things like dashing heroes (and charming villains) from some of my favorite all-time reads. A friend and I were chatting about dudes in some of our beloved books, which made me sit down and ponder just whom I would choose to be my bookish boyfriend(s). So, in honor of our girlish theatrics, I’ve decided to write up an entertaining post discussing my top five bibliophilic boy-toy choices!

150px-aragorn300ppx5) Aragorn – Lord of the Rings

Epic fantasy is quite possibly one of the most divine things on the planet (next to kitties, of course), and J.R.R. Tolkien is an exquisite authority of this genre. He completely revolutionized the fantasy realm with his masterful Lord of the Rings books. When I first started thinking about my favorite men from fiction, Aragorn immediately popped into my mind. Putting aside the fact that he is the epitome of rugged handsomeness, I absolutely love him as a human being. Aragorn is a man who values life and friendship, and is someone who knows how to love sincerely and loyally. As a character, he has an abundance of depth to him that I find to be fascinating. But it’s his life experiences & growth that make me love him above all the other characters in the franchise.

Aragorn is incredibly humble and courageous. A man that is willing to do just about anything to save his friends, as well as everyone else in the world, makes for a powerful source of inspiration. He is someone who knows how to talk to people, to instill bravery and confidence into a person who is utterly hopeless and paralyzed with fear. Did I mention that he has the self-control of a holier than thou saint? In the series, almost every single individual who faces the ring, finds themselves succumbing to the overwhelming influence it contains, however. Aragorn never bends or breaks before that power; he is the rock that protects you from that power.

Putting aside all of his virtues, and amazing qualities as a kind creature, let us take a moment and talk about how much of a badass he is. Sword fighting is an art as much as a skill, and is one that requires an immense amount of strength, patience, and diligence. Our half-Elven king has this ability honed with perfection. He takes down orcs, in addition to other nasties, with a sweeping flourish and breathtaking capability. Reading about him in battle were some of the most exciting portions of the series for me.

In summation, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and also known as Elessar: you can be my hero any day of the week.

Drizzt_-_Homeland4) Drizzt Do’Urden – The Legend of Drizzt Saga

Another man from fantasy, what a surprise (not at all), Drizzt Do’Urden fuels my obsession with dark elves. The Drow are a fierce and ruthless race in the Forgotten Realms universe, and ever since I read my very first novel about them (Dissolution from The War of the Spider Queen series) I just can’t seem to get enough. In a wholly matriarchal civilization, Drizzt was a man that was shunned and loathed for his antagonistic nature in relation to Drow society and culture.

There was no way that I could create a boyfriends list and not include a Drow character. The reason Drizzt fell into my thoughts as boyfriend material is because he is so beautifully compassionate. Drow are creatures that are raised to kill and fight, to be excruciatingly ruthless with total disregard for what is considered “good” or “right.” Drizzt is your ultimate do-gooder character. My norm is to hate characters like this. I usually find them to be painfully self-righteous and close-minded; an automatic turn-off. Yet, here I stand… Lovin’ on Drizzt.

The reason that Drizzt doesn’t belong in a world that breeds evil is because he was born with a significant trait that others of his race lack: empathy. He is an extremely empathetic character. Random killings and torture are simply not his cup of tea. Protection and observation are essential to his persona. This makes him a very lonely creature, and I can relate to this feeling on such a personal level. I enjoy him and appreciate him because he’s a loner. Having to accommodate for his people’s shortcomings, he never really had any friends. He stumbled through the realms by himself with only the company of his magical black panther. Being unwanted has a way of forcing you to mature pretty rapidly and it also makes you grateful for a lot of “little things.” You learn to find the optimism in what would otherwise be a tragedy.

Want some superficial reasons to love Drizzt? He’s essentially a super-ninja with badass duel-wielding skills that border on orgasmic admiration and an artistry for stealth. Oh and the power to summon a panther that’s equally badass and wholeheartedly cute as hell are noteworthy too! Giant kitty friends will get you everywhere with me! The long white hair, stunning violet eyes, and sharp, lean features definitely help in the sexy, romantic territory as well!

3) Vorian Atriedes – The Legends of Dune Trilogy

Vorian Atriedes is from the Legends of Dune trilogy, which takes place 10,000 years before the events of Dune by Frank Herbert, and quite possibly the only Atriedes that I have ever really liked. Initially the only reason I added him to this list was because he is the definition of YUMMY! With grey eyes, dark hair, and a muscularly lean build, it’s tough not to feast upon this man. But the more that I thought about him, the more I came to recognize that Vor has a lot more to offer than his pretty little face.


Vorian was a badass military commander during The Butlerian Jihad, who worked in the service of the Thinking Machines. He was an incredibly intellectual military strategist that made him quite vital in his services. Being the son of the Titan leader Agamemnon, he grew up to be a charming and privileged individual. His most alluring feature is that he is a bad boy to the extreme; an asshole you can’t help but drool over. Then, like most other men of his position, he fell in love and the world as he knew it changed.

When he became disillusioned with his situation, his character underwent one amazing growth spurt. The way that he thought and the way that he had viewed everything around him became more grey with time. He learned to be compassionate as he took a step back from villainy to look at the picture of the world as a whole. I like Vor because he wasn’t afraid to question his ideals when faced with what made them terribly wrong; he wasn’t self-righteous and blind in his employ for the Thinking Machines. Another reason that I like him was because he always did the right thing, which for him meant the killing of a few hundred innocent people so that he could rescue an entire race and planet. That was a decidedly difficult choice, one within the vast majority of novels I have read where the hero always chooses to save the few while figuring out how to shanghai a rescue for the rest.

Once his eyes were open to reality, Vorian found ideals that meant very much to him and he stuck by them, no matter what. He absolutely refused to allow his beliefs to be sacrificed again for use by the government and his superiors, or even by his closest friends. This, in my opinion, is another quality that tends to be lacking in fiction. For me, it creates an undeniably strong-willed character.

Ryosuke-Takahashi-22) Ryōsuke Takahashi – Initial D Manga Series

Car racing is one of my biggest interests, specifically drifting. I find it to be unquestionably magical, so much so that I used to partake myself. When I discovered Initial D, I just about died with unimaginable amounts of glee. Ry Takahashi, or Ryōsuke, from the manga serial is one of my all-time favorite characters from any genre of any written work.

Him and his brother are a racing duo in the series, but the reason that Ry is my dreamy boyfriend of choice is because he is nothing short of brilliant in the way that he races. Impeccably capable of deducing why someone is skilled at the sport, or where their shortcomings are, just by watching them, Ry adds a whole new level of intellectual stimulation and suspense to Initial D. He breaks down a race with great detail and explains the technicalities of everything, including the different kinds of drifts. Smart boys are one of my biggest weaknesses, and Ryōsuke is no bloody exception to that, at all!

Another reason why he’s on my top-five, and placing in second no less, is that he is one of the most skilled racers in the entire franchise, which is illustrated in his methodical disposition in tinkering with vehicles mechanically, or with his concentration and serious nature in relation to the sport. Reading about him racing is mind-blowing and gives me an adrenaline rush just thinking about it! I knew right off the bat that this dude would make my top-two for sure!

c412137b1ec2cd524c11a07e76d9078a1) Diran Bastiaan – The Blade of the Flame Trilogy

My number one favorite bookish boy who’d I absolutely love, love, love to be my boyfriend is an assassin-turned priest from the Eberron universe known as Diran Bastiaan!

The Blade of the Flame Trilogy is my everlastingly favorite set of books, and that will never change. Dashing Diran is the protagonist of said trilogy, and has some of the most enlightening character growth that I have ever read. While it may not be the best-written character out there, I find him to be positively endearing. On the surface, he’s a small and lean man with wolfish features and long hair that give him an air of danger and mystery. Yet, when you look passed all of that you will find a guy who has witty humor, and who’s charming and empathic without being patronizing, or overbearing.

Diran used to be an assassin with the favored weapon of daggers. Having been raised as a child to be an adept killer, his badassry level is at the absolute top of the tier; as high as it can get. As he got older, he came to realize that being a cold-hearted murderer was something he could not live with. After setting out on a journey to expel the darkness that made him so inherently evil, he spent the rest of his live helping people who are wronged, damaged, or broken, and he does it by trying really hard not to kill anyone (if he can help it). He has a traveling companion, a half-orc named Ghaji, with whom he can be himself entirely. During these interactions with his buddy, we learn how compassionate Diran is and why his friends mean the world to him. Another loner out there who craves to fill that empty void in his heart.

I also love the way Diran loves. The priest loves with everything that he has, and is willing to sacrifice almost anything for the woman who holds his heart. There is a beastly nature to him, one that is quite familiar with his former assassiny tendencies, that seems to awaken when his loved one(s) are in danger. It’s very… sexy. Extremely tender and kind, Diran is just too damn dreamy to pass up as my number one choice for bookish beau!