Bout-of-Books 16 Progress!

Good afternoon, friends! The time here in California is 1:27pm, which means that it’s officially a little past the halfway point for the readathon that I’m currently partaking in, Bout-of-Books 16. My next book fell into my lap, quite literally as my cat walked on my desk and shoved the sucker onto my legs, and it made me think about the progress that I have made thus far. Originally I wanted to create a VLOG about my experience with this event, but alas my laziness overpowered me (along with the accomplice of a dead camera battery), so I figured why not write up a blog-posty update instead?! Brilliant!! I know (just kidding).

Bout of Books

Since Monday the 9th, I have started and finished three different books. One of them is a novella, another is a comic collection, and the third would have to be a bit of nostalgia in the form of a Goosebumps installment. When I do readathon events such as this one, I find myself being much more engaged with the act of reading, as well as with sharing my portion of the experience with others (lots of tweeting, mostly) when I read titles from a vast realm of genres. Personally, I feel that prolonged, marathon bibliophilic parties are the perfect excuses to step outside of my normal comfort zones to explore, explore, explore! I am about 100.02% sure that this is majorly due in part to the very first R.A.T. I ever participated in: Genrethon. That was a week-long celebration of diversity in books in association to your personal tastes and things that normally make you uncomfortable. That bit of thinking has rubbed off on me in relation to other R.A.T.s, which I think is a fantastic thing for me as an individual.

Are readathon good periods for you to tackle specific bookish goals? If so, I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this. I think it would be fun to learn about all of the fantastic people who follow me, who share the same bibliophilic passion that I do. ☻

Anyways, moving right along… I have gone ahead and posted the titles I have finished, and the rest of the titles that I hope to tackle before midnight on a Sunday evening approaches my window sill. As always, I wish everyone a delightful and fun reading experience! If you’re interested in chatting with me about this event, or anything else that floats your fancy, check out my Twitter on the sidebar, or here, or just leave me a comment and I’ll reply promptly!


Books Read So Far:

Books Yet to Tackle:



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