Pokémon #ReadThemAllThon TBR!!

Happy Friday, friends! You know, it has been quite a long time since I have participated in a readathon. Glancing at my calendar with anticipation for the next Dewey’s 24-hour readathon event, I could feel a withdrawal of sorts starting to affect me. Yet, yesterday while on Twitter I noticed that quite a few people were chatting about this Pokémon readathon thing. My cat-like curiosity took over, and I decided to figure out what all of the excitement was about.

The Pokémon Indigo League #ReadThemAllThon is a 3-week long reading event created by the gorgeous and brilliant Aentee from Read At Midnight. It starts on Sunday 14th of August and runs through Sunday 4th of September. The readathon is based off Kanto’s Indigo League. Long-time crazies for the serial will recall that these were the very first set of gyms that Ash Ketchum had to conquer on his journey towards becoming the Pokémon Master.


So, what exactly does this readathon entail? Well, I’m happy you asked! I’m going to try and explain to the best of my ability. You can also check the Sign-Up/FAQ post from Aentee here if that’s easier for ya. In the 3-week span we are to read 8 books, which are related to challenges, or gyms, that we have to conquer. I’ll have all of the gyms down below along with my corresponding booky choices.  For extra-awesome-nerdy-fun-times, readers can choose a Pokémon and then work on gaining CP points via reading and socializing to evolve said Pokémon. I would be absolutely terrible at explaining the technical stuff, so feel free to check it out HERE! Woot.

Now, you don’t have to do all of the trying-to-snag-CP-to-win stuff. If you just wanna join in and read some books, you’re more than welcome to do that. If you wanna get a Pokémon and shoot for the Ultimate Pokémon Master title, you can do that too! It’s one of things that I love about this; it’s all for geeky fun in a way that floats your boat the best.

Okay, that’s enough prattling. Let’s get on to my TBR! Check out the gyms to conquer and my weapon for conquering! I hope you guys will join in because this is going to be an awesome 3-week adventure. If you are participating and wanna chat/share the Pokémon party, find me on Twitter! readthemallthon-badge01-boulder

Read the 1st book in a series. – For this I chose, Alice by Christina Henry, which is book one in The Chronicles of Alice series.


Choose a book that might make you cry. Dreams of Joy by Lisa See is my choice! It’s the sequel to Shanghai Girls, which was one hell of a feels trip. I bet this puppy will be even more of a tear-inducing companion.


Choose a book with thunderous hype; one that’s been on bestsellers and book blogs. – What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler is a book that immediately came to mind. It has shown up on numerous BookTubes that I follow, as well as a variety of book blogs, with nothing but recommendations and praise.


Choose a book that focuses on diversity. – I’m so excited about this! Recently, I asked for recommendations on Islamic literature from the Diverse Book Bloggers community, and this title is one that popped up. I think it’s absolutely perfect for this challenge: Does My Head Look Big in This? by Randa Abdul-Fattah.


Pick a book that has great romance. – Saga Volume 1, hands down, has one of the most epically awesome romances I have ever read. Fangirl enthusiasm encapsulated me at the thought of a re-read. Why is it so awesome? Well, stayed tuned during the event to find out. 😉


Pick a book that has fantasy/supernatural elements. – Another one from my August haul thus far, with an author that’s been highly recommended by my handsome Viking beast, is The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.


Read a book that has a red cover. – I have sooo many books that have red covers, or splotches of red across it. After a good fifteen minutes of staring at my shelves (which ironically are also red), I finally decided to read His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik.


Read a book with a post-apocalyptic setting. – Not a lot of these in my library, but out of the small handful that I’ve got, the most anticipated title is Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine, which is about a future where the libraries rule the world! While this may sound like a totally rad sort of world, it’s more of a Utopian-fascist kind of place. Doesn’t that just seem like a damn intriguing type of tale?

WP_20160812_18_15_56_Rich (3)

Well, that wraps up my TBR for this Pokémon #ReadThemAllThon! Once again if you are interested in checking out all of the FAQs about this adventure, you can do so with this absurdly long blurb for a link.  Thank you for stopping by! Have a beautiful weekend! Happy reading! ♥

P.S. My Pokémon of choice is the fantastically pink and kawaii JIGGLYPUFF!! #TeamJiggleWiggle all the way.


6 thoughts on “Pokémon #ReadThemAllThon TBR!!

  1. Ink and Bone sounds so good, I can’t wait to hear what you think! I still need to do my post for this – and actually plan my TBR… I’m getting readathon withdrawal too, so even though I only just found out about this I need to do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ink and Bone is one of the ones I can’t wait to dig into! 😀 I have a friend who’s just going to choose books as he completes the challenges, so you could always do that instead of creating a concrete TBR. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m already anticipating the next Dewey’s as well. That’s the most fun of all the readathons I’ve seen. Glad to see you will be joining as well.
    I remember seen the picture of your TBR on Twitter! It’s a good one. Good luck getting all the badges 😀

    Side question about Lisa See. I’m sure you’ve read some of her work before, correct? Are you familiar with her background at all? I’m not familiar with her at all, but I’m just very curious to know if she’s Asian. This is an awkward question, but I don’t mean anything bad by it. I was browsing the bookshelves during a sale a few weeks back and saw one of her books and when I looked at the back cover I saw what appeared to be a white woman. Obviously looking white doesn’t mean she’s not Asian, but it just left me very curious because she writes a lot of books starring Asian characters. I tried looking it up before but it was hard to confirm. Anyway, I know it’s a silly question but perhaps you can answer it 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I ended up changing my TBR around a bit, lol, but I suppose that tends to happens with readathons.

      Lisa See is a Chinese-American author; her father has Chinese roots. A couple of her books actually detail her Chinese family history, which is pretty cool. And I’m the same way with authors, particularly when it comes to Asian lit, haha, so you’re not alone. 🙂 I much prefer PoC books written by PoC people; same with LGBT+ lit.


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