W.T.F. Weds: Polished Posterior Edition!

Welcome to another silly and slightly vulgar segment of W.T.F. Wednesdays where I scrounge up a science-fiction/fantasy novel from the 80s era and share the (usually) hilarious and ridiculous covers they tend to have. Originally this was supposed to happen every week, but after much consideration I realized that would evidently turn into a spam-fest, which I want to avoid. So, instead of weekly, I’ll do these about once a month. If y’all have any suggestions of books with crazy ass covers, please send them my way and I’ll be very glad to share them here on…


Today’s victim, Neveryóna written Samuel R. Delany, was published in 1983 by Bantam Books. Now, you can tell this puppy is 80s era because this amount of flashy fleshy bits would probably not be permitted on modern-day book covers, you know, with the nifty notion of censorship and all. So, behold your eyes, ladies and gents, as it’s about to get very CHEEKY up in this post.


This eye-burning baby was discovered at a parking lot sale for a local bookstore that was closing its doors. Literally costing me pennies on the dollar, when my buddy showed me this find, I knew I had to have it as the feeling of my insides curdling from shock and laughter just took over. You just can’t seem to get this kind of ass nowadays unless its via cosmetic knifing of the flesh, or a hundred hours of weekly devotion to squats. I mean, damn, what a sight!

However, if you can compose yourself for just a couple of seconds to crack him open, you’ll find that a pretty decent fantasy story lies within, one that has me more intrigued than the shininess of his golden, tan tushy.

“For Pryn, a young girl fleeing her village on the back of a dragon, Neveryóna becomes a shining symbol just out of reach. It leads her to the exotic port city of Kolhari, where she talks with a wealthy merchant Madame Keyne, walks with Gorgik the Liberator as he schemes against the Court of Eagles, and crosses the Bridge of Lost Desire to search of her destiny.”

Now, I don’t know about you lovelies out there, but if I came across this in a big chain bookstore with a cover that was far more boring, there is a very good chance I would buy it. The simple fact that this chick escaped on the back of dragon has me sold quicker than my desire to buy this dude some bloomers. Also, on the back cover is a picture of a golden city floating above an ocean…with a dragon wrapped around its foundation. Busty butts aside, I think that’s really fricking cool.


Well, that does it for this round of…WHAT THE FRICK?! WEDNESDAYS!! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did putting it all together. Please note that these posts are all in good, innocently adult fun, and isn’t mean to offend anyone out there.

Until next time, beautiful book dragons! ♥