Biblio Upgrade 2.0 – Becoming a Better Blogger!

Good morning, friends.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about my blog, the difficulties that I’ve faced and am still facing, and how I want to overcome these hardships so that I can be a much better writer and content creator for everyone. This might become TL;DR, but it would mean the world to me if you took a moment and heard me out (or read me out, actually).

Lately, I have been feeling really down about blogging, more specifically my lack of success with it. I created my blog, which was under a different name, in August of 2015. At a time of severe stress and mental illness, writing was an escape as well as a gateway towards a future. I sat down and decided to type up my thoughts on a book that I had finished so I would have something to focus on that wasn’t drowning in self-pity and depression. I can openly admit that I didn’t take it very seriously, at least not in the realm of professional reviewing.

I ended up making a new friend who re-sparked my passion for books and reading in a way that I hadn’t experienced in years. This occurred a couple of months after I created Neko Baka Books. As I wrote more and more reviews, I tried to think of ways to give them more depth without it turning into a rant.

Over the course of another few months, I decided that I really love chatting about books and all of the elements that come together to create a story. Whether it’s raving gleefully about how awesome of a read it was, or constructively criticizing why it didn’t connect with me—I wanted to be a book blogger, this time a serious one.

Even though I made this decision with all of my heart, I’m saddened to admit that I haven’t been able to put all of my heart into my work. Ultimately, this is one of the reasons that I’m a failure as a book blogger. I ended up concentrating on the outside forces affecting my life and would abandon blogging for weeks, or even months at a time. This lack of consistency in updates also began to affect the content of my reviews. Some would be severely short. Others would be ridiculously long. Safe to say, my blog was a hot fucking mess.

Who wants to follow a blog like that? I know that I probably wouldn’t, especially if the author of the blog doesn’t share any indication as to why they’re being so random about it. It gives off the vibe that “maybe she’s just not that into you.”

You know, I really love reading. I fucking adore it. I’m an introverted, socially awkward person who is stymied into hiding due to her mental health illnesses and psychological traumas. Reading a book—whether it’s a good one or a horrid one—helps me in my day-to-day living. It keeps me sane (literally), helps me be creative, and provides me with a desire and a will to share the awesomeness of books with the world. I have this blog, not for fame or glory, but because I want to make friends. I want people to talk with me about stories and fables and the stuff I write, even if we have totally different opinions on particular titles. Making a difference is also something that I strive to accomplish, especially in light of the We Need Diverse Books movement, which is extremely important to me as a very diverse individual.

A couple of days ago while I was halfway through a package of shortbread cookies, I decided that I’m not going to give up on reading and blogging. If I work very hard with dedication, zeal, and perseverance, I know that one day I can be a reliable voice within the biblio-blogging community. But in order to accomplish this goal, some major changes are needed from me as an individual and content creator. I’ve identified my flaws and have a plan to conquer them. Below I’ve listed these faults of BilbioNyan and the changes that I’ll be making to overcome these shortcomings.  All I ask is for your patience and support as I grow and mature into this role.


  1. Random Post Updates: I’m terrible about maintaining a schedule. For certain months, I will make a post consistently for two to three weeks, and then shortly afterwards an unintentional hiatus pops up. Bam! No updates for months at a time. To battle this flaw, I’ve created a schedule for myself. Starting tomorrow morning, consistent and timely posts will be made on BiblioNyan every other day at 9am. The longest gap between posts will up to three days. If something comes up and I do need an extended break, I’ll make sure to let you guys know what the heck is going on. This is where my dedication comes in.
  2. Inconsistent Reviews: Plenty of my earlier reviews were one or two paragraphs that went on an emotional rant about why the story sucked or rocked. I was never that great at articulating why I loved or hated something that I read. Now, even though I’ve gotten a bit better at it, lazy writing has depicted an array from full-bodied and thought-provoking reviews to adolescent level whining (depending on the book). This makes my reviews unreliable and uninteresting. To solve this issue, I’ve developed a new flexible way of writing reviews. This will help me stay focused and ensure that I share thoughts and opinions that reflect my zeal for reading. To be honest, I meant to do this from the beginning, but I lost my way. I’m also pretty damn excited about it.
  3. Low-Grade Graphics: Taking sweet pictures of your book hoard nowadays seems like the quickest way to engage an audience! While I love paying attention to detail, I never understood the appeal in regards to photographing biblio-piles. However, as someone who wants to succeed, I see the fluffy affect they have on people (as well as on me, I won’t deny it). While I’m a terrible amateur at Bookstagram and graphics badassry, I’m looking forward to testing out new ways to spice up media. It can be quite fun, especially on rainy days (which are my favourites). This will just take practice, practice, practice! Butterflies and cats won’t hurt either.
  4. A Lack of Diverse Literatures: While I’m extremely pro-diversity and have been an avid reader of Asian literature for a long time, I noticed last night that there is a significant lack of diversity on my blog. This troubled me quite a bit. Queer literature, literature on mental health, and Asian literature are most important to me as an individual, yet I haven’t read or shared much on either of these genres as of late. I truly want to expand my knowledge and passion for literature of all forms, especially for those that affect me so closely, and hope it can make a positive difference in another reader’s life. If nothing else, that is a key focus I want to bring to my blog. I want to read more diversely. I want to share more diversity. Being conscious of my reading choices, and not being afraid to talk about books or topics that make me severely uncomfortable, is the first step I shall take to defeat this flaw.

If you’ve read to this point, then you have my deepest gratitude. I appreciate very single one of my followers, even if there’s only one or ten of you out there. The time that you take to show me a little bit of love is tremendously appreciated, in ways that words can’t convey. I hope that I can improve as a writer, a reader, and a blogger… And one day have people to chat with about the content I put out. I won’t stop working my ass off at it, I promise.

Tomorrow is a fresh start for me. Arriving at 9am will be the dawn of a new, serious book blogger. Please, wish me luck!

Love and happy reading,


5 thoughts on “Biblio Upgrade 2.0 – Becoming a Better Blogger!

  1. I will continue to support and read your blog! These are fantastic goals! I had the same problem with inconsistencies and scheduling. For me it definitely took time and practice (I feel like I am not a “schedule” person to begin with). I look forward to see where your blog goes and I will be here reading your thoughts and insights into diverse literature 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the support! 🙂 Patience is definitely something that I need to work on, and controlling my impulsiveness. I appreciate you taking the time to read this long thing. 😀


  2. Neha, I loved this post so much and I read every word of it. I’m glad you decided to persevere and continue blogging with set goals on how to improve. I don’t know when one is considered a successful blogger, but I am doing OK, I think. So if you ever need any help or tips, please feel free to ask me.
    Pretty graphics are definitely an important part of successful blogger, from what I have seen. Sometimes, our readers won’t be able to read all our content/words, so a quick and flashy picture will be something they can immediately engage with and it may encourage them to post a comment.

    And I’m thrilled to see that you plan to feature more diverse books on your blog. That is always a good thing! Featuring these books will draw in a more specific audience. In my experience, a lot of YA bloggers don’t visit my blog or engage with me (even when I repeatedly visit their blogs) because they aren’t interested in the focus of my blog 😦 But as I said, the right followers will eventually come along and you will make great connections! Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you set aside 30 minutes a day (or however much you can) to visit other bloggers and comment on their blogs, you will be more likely to get return visit. I know not everyone has the time to do this, but it really does help a lot. 🙂

    Anyway, I look forward to the changes in your blog. Good luck and keep being awesome!

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    • Thank you for reading this, Naz. It really means a lot to me. I would love to get some advice from you. 🙂 Your blog gives me so much life and is an inspiration to me as a fellow blogger. Is there a specific place that works best for you if I’ve got questions?

      My health sometimes interferes with blogging, but I won’t let it hold me back for long. 🙂


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