🌈 #DiversityDecBingo TBR 🌈

Happy December 1st Book Dragons!

So far this holiday season, I have been feeling immensely festive and rather quite happy. I miss being happy and positive. Unfortunately, due to my depression, it’s not an often occurrence.  I decided to take complete advantage of these precious moments and venture forth towards more bookish adventures. While pondering how best to embark on my quest, I discovered that the month of December is alight with a new diverse readathon! Stumbling upon a fellow blogger’s TBR (The Shrinkette, she’s AMAZING, go check her out now!!), my mind filled with excitement and I knew that I had to partake in this glorious event as soon as fricking possible.

The event is called the #DiversityDecBingo where participants get to play bookish bingo with DIVERSITY INFUSED BOOKS! We get to choose five titles to fit the given categories to form a line that’s either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. It runs from December 1st until December 30th. This is really neat because it allows for slow readers (such as myself) to partake without much added stress or pressure, making it more fun and carefree.

I gave the grid a good looking over, which caused many titles to spring into my mind like catnip drunken kitties. Luckily, when I finally figured out my line o’topics, I realized that I only needed to get my phalanges on one of the five books since my shelves already had the other four fully stocked (unread) and ready to go. This is my TBR post announcing the subjects I chose as well as the books that I plan to tackle them with.


The #DiversityDecBingo is going to be a phenomenal experience, I can feel it my tiny little bones. I highly recommend everyone who’s interested to join in. Expanding literary experiences to include all forms of folks, beliefs, and cultures (to name a few) is one of the most enlightening parts of being a reading-monster.

Did I mention that the dragons who finish all five of their books will be entered to win a giveaway of sorts? Snag your attention now? Just click the hash-tagged links for more info and entrance into the partay.

Happy reading! ♥

Non-Western Cultural Fantasy 🌈  Muslim Main Character 🌈 Asian Main Character 🌈 SFF with LGBTQIA+ Main Character 🌈 Asexual / Aromantic Main Character


3 thoughts on “🌈 #DiversityDecBingo TBR 🌈

  1. Looks like you found a good TBR for Dec love! Hope you have a lot of funs adventures with the books you are going to read.


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