Book Achievements for 2017

With the end of the year looming ominously around the corner, I thought it would be fun to create a small list of bookish achievements to unlock for 2017! I decided to refer to my “goals,” as it were, as “achievements” for two distinct reasons. The first: I have been playing lots of Final Fantasy XV, so there are plenty of gamer-inspired thoughts swirling about in my noggin. Secondly, it’s also a nice change of pace from “Book Goals,” making it different and fun!

After some pondering, chocobo racing, and kitty-cat tormenting, I’ve narrowed my list down to seven achievements. These are things that bitch-slapped me in the face the most over the course of the past couple of weeks. Hopefully these won’t be too high-level for me. To makes things even more interesting, I will be rewarding myself with a brand new anime box-set for every achievement I unlock! Nothing wrong with a little self-gifting every now and again, right? 😘


01. Slay that Series!
Read more serials from my TBR, and read the instalments consecutively so I don’t get bored!

02. Manga Master!
Focus on buying and reading more manga and comics this year, rather than buying novels!

03. Ownvoices NOT Optional!
Make a point of reading at least 1-2 #ownvoices book per month, especially from new and unfamiliar diversities!

04. Kindle Killer!
Try to read more ebooks from my Kindle TBR since I’ve been amassing quite the collection!

05. Readathon Ready!
Create a month-long readathon for each season to help me knockout stacks from specific genres and authors!

06. Booming BookTube!
Create and upload bookish videos every 2 weeks routinely to BookTube and try to stick with it!

07. Clash of the Mediums!
Work my imaginative muscles to create more original and creative posts that combine books with films and video games!

That’s it for my bookish achievements! Wishing everyone a spectacularly delightful (and safe) holiday weekend full of reading!!


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