Serials to Slay in 2017!

One of my bookish goals for the new year is to work through a lot of the large book serials that have been sitting on my shelves (and my TBR) for a stupidly long time. These are books that have full, multi-faceted universes with a varied abundance of characters, and some intricate stories to tell. Okay… most of these serials have those elements. Nonetheless, every time I sign on to GoodReads and find one of my friends reading an instalment from a series that’s been hanging on my TBR tree for so long, I always tell myself, “I’m starting that next!” But time goes by, I get distracted by a shiny, new story, and seemingly never get around to it.

Well, this year will be different, dammit.

In 2017, there are 5 book series that I will be making my way through. They vary in multiple genres, for multiple audiences. I’m very excited that they’re all rather unique from one another, otherwise I would be bored out of my fucking mind. Each series has a minimum of 9 books each, so I’ll certainly be busy and (hopefully) thoroughly tickled during my serial slaying excursion! Everything is listed below with a GoodReads link to the first instalment of the series!

  1. Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shephard

This is a series that I have a bit of a head start on as I began it back in the beginning of December 2016 (or in mid-November 2016). The TV show was a huge guilty pleasure for me and I’ve always been curious as to how the novels differ from their television counterpart! There are 18 total novels in the series: 16 consecutive novels and 2 prequel/side story additions. It’s a young adult, suspense series with a very strong who-done-it vibe! I’m currently reading book 4.5 of the series! My goal is to finish this series by the end of March 2017, at the very latest!


  1. The Expanse Series by James S.A. Corey

An adult hard, science-fiction series that takes place in the future where humanity has colonized the solar system, this series has had me drooling with anticipation for about three years now! The only reason I’ve been so hesitant on picking it up, is because each volume is fricking huge! Yet when it comes to super sciencey tales that take place in the reaches of space that’s exactly how I like them! When I realized that, I also realized I no longer had an excuse to put it off! Thus far, there are 7 books in the series, and it’s going to continue onwards with two more instalments!


  1. The Legend of Drizzt Saga by R.A. Salvatore

Oh man, this is probably R.A. Salvatore’s most famous series to date! It takes place in the Forgotten Realms universe (a fantasy universe similar to Dragonlance, Eberron, etc. that’s also heavily used for table-top roleplaying games, or TTRPGs). The series revolves around a young, drow, or dark-elf (a race that I’m OBSESSED with when it comes to TTRPGs), man named Drizzt. Extremely different in nature than the rest of his people, Drizzt ends up breaking away from the drow society to venture out into a world that has been forbidden (or extremely harmful) for his people almost since the dawn of time, kinda… sorta… The series is about his adventures, the different people that he meets and interacts with, as well as political intrigue within the drow society. It’s very much a fantasy serial with badass magical creatures and monsters, a really awesome black panther companion, and plenty of lessons on what it means to grow up and find yourself.  There are currently 33 books in the series and it’s still ongoing! I’ll probably be working on this one ALL YEAR!

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  1. The Sigma Force Series by James Rollins

This series is an action-adventure, science-thriller series that I stumbled upon about six years ago, when I found Sandstorm on my friend’s bookshelf. I didn’t realize that it was part of a serial until a few years later. It was a very fast-paced book that wove science, history, and artefacts together to create a story that was practically non-stop. Think The DaVinci Code but written much, much better. I read a few more of Rollins’ stand-alone books and just fell in love with his writing. The books are always meticulously researched and wonderfully executed. The series revolves around a group of people who are a part of a fictional division of the U.S. DARPA program; the division is known as SIGMA force.  The members are all trained with military skills and specialised knowledge of specific sciences. There is a total of 12 books in the series so far! I tend to blow throw Rollins books a lot faster than other novels, so I think I can slay this easy!


  1. Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander was the biggest surprise for me in 2016! I honestly thought it was going to be terribly written smut that took place in Scotland, and that it would have no consistency or complexity at all, aside from awful sex. It ended up being one of the most well-researched and sophisticated historical fiction novels that I had ever read. The prose was breathtakingly beautiful and intelligent, and the sex was very real and legit. There wasn’t a whole lot of it either, which made me like it even more (I’m not a fan of romance novels at all, but will very rarely give one a try if it’s interesting sounding). There was nothing trashy or sleazy about the book at all. Foot-in-mouth syndrome dropped me a visit, to say the least. I was so blown away, I bought the rest of the books in the series, hoping to slay the sucker sometime this year. There are 8 novels total in the series thus far with a 9th one releasing sometime in the future!


Thank you for reading this post! What are some serials (long or short) that you hope to slay this year? Are there any series that you were excited for but ended up being a let-down?

8 thoughts on “Serials to Slay in 2017!

  1. Wow, I’m really impressed by your dedication to working through these books! I have little patience for series, haha. I have read a few of the Drizzt books; I had no idea there are 30+ books.


  2. You know I’d never heard of serials before! I definitely haven’t read any either, I can’t imagine reading a group of books that would be good enough to have me reading 10+ of them!

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    • There aren’t many out there that can keep it up for that long, but the ones that do can be amazing! 🙂 I definitely recommend looking into one that sounds interesting and giving it a shot!


    • Thank you! If it’s as good as a lot of people say, then I think (hope, really) that I’ll blow through them. I really enjoy hard sci-fi, so I’m hoping there will be plenty of that in the series. 🙂

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  3. I’m not really going to take on any series at this point but I do have quite the stack of YA fiction to read through after the last sale on the Book Depository.

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    • Book Depository can be dangerous! I bought the Young Elites trilogy from them during their massive sale. Excited for that. Well, I wish you a very happy readings, my friend. 😊

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