A Mini Japanese Book Haul

Our power went out in a terribly windy and rainy evening a couple of nights ago, so the only source of entertainment I had was my mobile phone. I could’ve played a game, read an e-book, or watched some Netflix. Yet, I found myself tinkering around on Amazon, which led to this gloriously unexpected haul of books!

Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto

This is a book about three women who have been entranced into a metaphysical sleep! The first is mourning the loss of her lover and finds herself sleepwalking. The second one is having an affair with a married man and soon finds that she is incapable of staying awake. While the third woman finds her sleep being haunted by the visage of the woman with whom she was pitied against in a love triangle. Reminiscent of a lot of Yoshimoto’s work, the book is filled with feelings of loss, sadness, and mystical human emotions. She is one of my favourite authors and I highly recommend her to readers of all sorts!

Real World by Natsuo Kirino

In a crowded Tokyo suburb, four teenage girls indifferently wade their way through a hot, smoggy summer. When one of them, Toshi, discovers that her next-door neighbour has been brutally murdered, the girls suspect the killer is the neighbour’s son. But then he takes off with Toshi’s bike and cell-phone, which tosses the four girls into an uproar of dangers that rise from within them as well as the world around them! Natsuo Kirino is another one of my favourite authors. Her books all tend to be a very psychological, dark, and twisted examination of the human psyche, usually within the realm of feminist noir. Kirinio’s mind-fuck-type novels are spectacularly written.

A Quiet Place by Seicho Matsumoto

While on a business trip in Kobe, soft-spoken Tsuneo Asai receives word that his wife Eiko has passed away from a heart attack. She had a heart condition, so news of her death isn’t wholly unexpected. But the circumstances surrounding her demise leaves Tsuneo utterly perplexed. How was it that his wife–who was shy and withdrawn, and had only left the house twice a week for haiku lessons–ended up dead in a queit, residential neighbourhood in Tokyo? As he digs deeper into his wife’s recent past, he must eventually conclude that she led a double life. This will be my first Seicho Matsumoto experience! I’ve heard nothing but phenomenal things about this author, and after reading a few pages of the book, I can say that the writing doesn’t seem like it will disappoint at all.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Times – Legendary Edition by Akira Himekawa

The manga edition of the two video games that were originally released on the Nintendo GameBoy, this new edition has been gorgeously remastered with crisper and more defined artwork and illustrations! It revolves around Link’s adventures across Hyrule where he allies himself with two powerful people–the Oracle of Seasons and the Oracle of Ages–to fight two terrible villains known as General Onox and the Sorceress of Shadows.

A Silent Voice: The Complete Manga Series (Volumes 1-7) by Yoshitoki Oima

This is a marvellously written story about two individuals and the obstacles they face as they find friendship and eventually love with each other. Shoya is a bully. When Shoko, a girl who cannot hear, enters his elementary calss, she becomes his favourite target. Shoya and his friends goad one another into devising new ways to torment her. But their cruelty ends up going too far, and Shoko is forced to leave the school. Shoya shoulders all of the blame. Six years later, the two meet again. Shoya realizes the error of his ways and seeks out a way to make up for his childish and heartless behaviours of the past.


What are some books that you’ve bought so far in 2017? Do any of these sound interesting to you?

Thank you for stopping by! I’ll see you all again very soon! Happy reading. ♥

8 thoughts on “A Mini Japanese Book Haul

  1. I found Real World to be really chilling. Kirino is great at building atmosphere. Loved Kitchen by Yoshimoto, so I still need to check out the rest of her books. A Silent Place sounds interesting.

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    • Kitchen was my first book by her and it completely blew me away. It’s actually one of my first Japanese lit novels and what got me so passionate about the genre. 😊

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  2. Oooh A Quiet Place sounds like the type of book that is exactly up my alley, I don’t have any Japanese books on my shelf at the moment so I must look into getting my hands on that. I also like the sound of A Silent Voice, I don’t have a tonne of experience with manga but I really enjoy anime so I’ve been meaning to dip my toes into reading manga for a while!

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    • I enjoy Japanese literature a lot. It creates a unique atmosphere most of the time which I find to be very intellectually stimulating. 😊 The art for A Silent Voice is very good as well! I think it’ll be a great first time series, especially since it’s short. It can be crazy how long lost manga series can get! I wish you all the best with your reading adventures! 😃


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