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BiblioNyan Talks Diversity on BookTube!

Good evening, friends! I’m sorry that I’ve been rather MiA this past week here on BiblioNyan. To be perfectly honest with you all, I have not been handling the political upheaval with much grace at all. I have Muslim friends around the country, not to mention family as well, who are all suffering in lieu of this Muslin Ban that has begun to stir the nation with an unconstitutional frenzy. I needed to step back, let all of emotions run their course, and then stuff everything back into my skin so I can go on with life. But I will not go on silently.

I wanted to create this brief post to share with you all my BookTube channel, where I will ONLY discuss Diverse Literature, specifically Asian & Islamic Literature, and #OwnVoices literature. Understanding our differences and being accepting of them is so fucking important, now more than ever. I want to promote awareness for the differences in people and their cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. I want to show all of the uneducated, misinformed, and hateful people of the world that diversity matters and diversity is what makes this world a beautiful place. Unfortunately, I am an awkward person and I suck ass at articulating myself in a charismatic way. So I decided to fight with the tools that I’m most passionate about, and the tools that I know I can use properly–books!!

Please join me on my channel, BiblioNyan, where I will chat about different cultures and ethnicities, languages and histories, the LGBT+ community and mental health illnesses. As I mentioned above, my specialisation will be Asian literature (all countries in the Asian sub-continent and the Pacific Islands), Islamic Literature, and #OwnVoices (these particular books may not be specific to Asia, but to all corners of the world). I may be a little awkward in my execution, but I’m highly devoted, motivated, and fervent about the cause. I’m also ALWAYS open to listening and understanding when I may not have the full knowledge to offer proper representation, which I will never turn down. Learning will only help me grow and allow me to help others.

Thank you for all of the love and support you have given me up to now. I promise that BookTube will not stop me from blogging here. My reviews will be returning on Monday. BookTube will just be an extension of BiblioNyan that focuses solely and sincerely on diversity in literature.


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