Diversity Spotlight Thursday #2: WOC Protagonists Edition!

Good afternoon, bibliophiles! Welcome back to another week of sharing fantastic diverse literature! The meme was created by the wonderful Aimal Farooq over at Bookshelves & Paperbacks in an effort to feature more diverse authors and books within the bookworm community! If you are interested in checking out this fun diversity party, just click the BOLD PINK WORDS!

**Please note that credit for the awesome banner featured in this post also goes to Aimal!!**


A Diverse Book That I’ve Read & Enjoyed:

Does My Head Look Big in This by Randa Abdul-Fateh is an #OwnVoices young adult Islamic fiction book written by a Palestinian-Egyptian Muslim woman and is a fantastic novel that encapsulates female empowerment, positive messages in regards to self-respect and self-identity, as well as shares beautiful themes in regards to growing up with culture clashes and what it means to be a family.

A Diverse Book That’s Released But I Haven’t Read (YET!):

Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang is an #OwnVoices Chinese literature novel (released in January 2017) that takes place in 1908. Jialing, an Eurasian, is a 7-year old girl who is abandoned in the courtyard of a lavish estate near Shanghai. Being shunned with contempt for having mixed ethnicity, her only hope for survival is if the new owners of the estate, the Yangs, take her in. She befriends the eldest daughter of the Yang family as well as an English girl who then mysteriously vanishes. As she grows into womanhood, the political upheaval of the Chinese republic, her friendship with the eldest daughter, and a forbidden love affair will surround her in danger she never dreamt of.

A Diverse Book That’s NOT Been Released Yet:

Music of the Ghosts by Vaddey Ratner releases in April 2017 and is an #OwnVoices book about a young woman who returns to her homeland in Cambodia after receiving a letter from a mysterious man who claims to have known her father before he disappeared in the Cambodian holocaust.

3 thoughts on “Diversity Spotlight Thursday #2: WOC Protagonists Edition!

  1. I love coming to your blog and discovering new books! ❤
    I hadn't heard of Dragon Springs Road or Music Of The Ghosts, but they both sound great. I love that you picked #ownvoices books. 🙂 Hope you review at least one of them this year on your blog.

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    • Thanks, Naz! 😊 A lot of my discoveries lately have been #ownvoices, which is splendid! Haha. I picked up a copy of Dragon Springs Road so that’ll probably get the review on my blog before the other one.


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