BiblioNyan Blog Update!!

Good morning, friends!!

I wanted to take a few moments this morning and give you guys a quick update on the happenings over here at BiblioNyan. I know that I haven’t made a blog post in the past 7 days, and I didn’t want you all to think that I had abandoned blogging, was being a callous slacker, or anything of the sort.

I’m going to be super upfront with you all, I have been suffering from a reading slump that is unlike any other slumps I have encountered yet. It’s been absolutely horrible and very disheartening. I’m almost 100% sure that this slump was brought on my trying to stick to a monthly TBR. To-be-read lists like that just aren’t my cup of tea at all, but I always get swept away by the excitement of popularity of it all from surrounding bookish social media outlets. I really just need to accept that I’m not a TBR kind of lady. I’m way too impulsive of a reader, not to mention moody as frick, to be able to stick to that sort of list. They add unnecessary pressure to perform at a level that I just can’t accomplish. Being dyslexic and a slow reader, the pressure makes me feel inadequate, and I end up not wanting to look at (let alone read) any books.

This slump has been spilling over to my blog writing a little bit as I haven’t had any reviews or recommendations (or mindlessly passionate bitching) to share since I haven’t been able to read. But man, I really miss writing posts and chatting with you all! So, in an effort to defend myself against the Slump Monster, I created a couple of book tags inspired by video games that I hope can motivate me to start reading again. I’ll be putting these tags our starting tomorrow. Also, tossing out the TBR idea definitely helped a huge sense of pressure to lift off of my shoulders, so I think it’s only a matter of time before I’m back and prattling excitedly about literature (and anime! Not reading has allotted me time to finally watch the anime).

I want to share a special thanks with you all for being patient with me in my time of slumping. I promise wholeheartedly and sincerely that if I ever plan on just giving up on blogging, or shutting down, or taking hiatus–anything like that–that I will DEFINITELY tell you all. I would never leave you hanging on an abandoned, sinking ship!

I have been making videos on a mostly regular basis over on BookTube, so if you’re one of those that enjoys bookish videos in addition to bookish writings, you can head on over to my channel and catch up with me there! For some reason, making a fun fool out of myself in front of the camera has been easier (and a bit more therapeutic) than writing posts. It’s only mildly frustrating, I promise.

With love, hugs, and the deepest appreciation ever

Yours truly,
Neko Neha.

4 thoughts on “BiblioNyan Blog Update!!

    • Thank you! I shelved all of the books that were on my TBR last night, and before going to sleep I managed to read about 60 pages across two different books. So it definitely helped me out a lot! 😀


  1. The horrible slump! I’m not much for monthly TBRs either.
    I’ve been in a slump blog wise. Haven’t been able to think up new posts, but I think I some inspiration this past weekend.
    Oh, I want to see what those video game book tags are and I wanna know what anime series you’ve been watching. I’ve been watching Haikyu!! over and over again because I can’t get myself to watch something new D:

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m typing up the first game book tag now, so hopefully I can have it up first thing in the morning!! I’ve been going back and watching stuff from the past couple of seasons. I’m currently on Bungou Stray Dogs S2, and I just started Dragon Ball Super! Oh nostalgia lol. I haven’t seen Haikyu!! yet. Is it really that good? I’ve noticed it in Tumblr & CR.


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