The PORTAL Book Tag! 💟 Original

I had an itch to visit GLaDOS recently, so I picked up the Portal games last week, and it inspired me to create this book tag! It’s science-fiction inspired, but not every Q is about sci-fi books. If you enjoy the tag and wanna give it a shot, just make sure to give me credit for creating it, and if you can share it with me in comment box so I can check it out, I greatly appreciate it!!

Momentum Jump: What book series gets more and more enthralling with each instalment?

The Blade of the Flame Trilogy by Tim Waggoner! It’s a fantasy series from the Eberron universe (similar to Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, etc.). Each book has better fantasy elements, humour, character interactions, and plot development. I absolutely LOVE it.

Portal Gun: What book, or book series, has the best use of imaginative gadgets and gismos?

The Legends of Dune trilogy by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I absolutely love going back to origins story and seeing all of the really cool technology used, as well as the invention process for the gadgets and gismos used much later on in the series.

Aperture Science: What book, or book series, has the best examination of sentient artificial intelligence?

It’ll have to be a tie between Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, and I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. Both are fantastic books that have thought-provoking and intricate examinations of what it means to be a sentient AI.

Black Mesa: What book, or book series, has scientifically created critters that go baddy?

Xenomorphs!!! I know, I know… These are from the film, Aliens, but did you guys know that there’s a whole Aliens book series?! It expands on the films and offers much more information on these creatures!! I love it!!  (I’m so obsessed with these damn things, it’s not even funny… well, maybe a little bit… in a grotesque kind of way, LOL.)

Companion Cube: Name a character that you didn’t realise you were attached to until it was too late.

I’m going to get severely shunned for this, I just know it… But it’s going to have to be Ramsay Snow from the A Song of Ice & Fire saga by George R.R. Martin.

GLaDOS: Name a villain that you tried to hate, yet you couldn’t help but love them.

Erasmus. I’m not going to name the book series because if I did, I would be sharing a spoiler of sorts. I’m sure some people will know who this is. 😜

Still Alive: Name a character that went through one terrible and traumatic experience after another, yet still survived until the end.

Sansa Stark from the A Song of Ice & Fire saga by George R.R. Martin. This girl has been through some hellish shit. I wonder what else she’ll have to face as the series goes on (if it goes on…).

The Cake is a Lie: What is your all-time favourite flavour of cake?

I honestly can’t decide between the chocolate Snickers candy cake and a white cake with cream cheese, coconut frosting.

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