Returning to the World of Anime

Anime has been a passion of mine for a very long time. It’s been my go-to escape from life’s most difficult tribulations (aside from books, of course), and yet for the past couple of years I just haven’t had the drive to watch much of anything in regards to anime. A traumatic experience occurred and while I tried to process and heal from that, I lost my passion for many things, including anime. This caused me to go on an unexpected and unplanned hiatus from enjoying life.


Over the course of the past six months, I have been finding those little treasures that were dropped in the wake of my pain, and I’ve been picking them up, cleaning them off, and learning to appreciate them again! Some of those include reading manga, playing video games, and (finally) watching anime!

You guys have no idea how excited I am to be watching anime again. I know it may seem totally trivial, but it’s a huge deal to me. Anime opened up my mind and heart to understanding and learning about different cultures, and it eventually paved the path towards my burning, fiery love of Asian literatures. By being able to return to it, I feel like I’ve found a piece of myself that’s been sitting lost, at the bottom of the ocean for the few years.


With its homecoming, I want to start sharing anime reviews here on BiblioNyan. Have no fear; this place will still vehemently be devoted to bookish reviews and chats. But I wanted to diversify my content, so that when I do encounter villains (such as the Slump Monster), it won’t utterly shut me down. I need to have facets on this blog to fall back on when the reading party just isn’t that exciting.

My anime reviews will be rather informal. I mostly want to share thoughts and opinions about how I felt about a particular show or film, and whether I think it’s worth giving a try. There won’t be much technical speak from me, mostly because I’m unfamiliar with most of that stuff, and most of it will be expressed with good-natured vibes (even the negative opinions). I’m NOT a professional by any means. I’m just a huge fan who’ll have some subjective sayings that some folks may agree with and others not so much.

Well, upon reaching this point, I suppose I don’t have much more to add here. I would greatly appreciate any support you guys can offer me with this semi-new endeavour. If you have any questions, comments, concerns then please drop them in the little boxes below. I always, always reply.

I’m going to end this by asking you all what some of your favourite anime serials, or films, have been since the Fall 2014 season?? I could really use some suggestions to get kick-started!

Happy fangirling.

Neko Neha

7 thoughts on “Returning to the World of Anime

  1. It’s great to read that you’re getting back into things you used to be excited about! 🙂 I watched a lot of anime in high school but haven’t made the time for it in a long while. Looking forward to your thoughts on some newer series.

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  2. Yaaay! Anime can be fun! I used to read a lot of manga, too. I don’t really keep up with the latest stuff, unfortunately, but the ones that I watched most recently and stuck with me were Wolf Children and The Garden of Words which I’m sure you already know of! They were BEAUTIFUL though, the actual illustration and animation style was so beautiful, I just wanted to drown in it.
    Anyway, I shall certainly be coming to your blog for some anime recs.

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    • Thank! I’m so excited about it. I recently decided to watch Attack on Titan Season 2. We shall see how that goes, lol. I loved Wolf Children, it makes me cry every time. There is a piano song from the film when the kids are running through the woods with their mom and it’s beautiful. That song reminds me so much of my brother. ♥ The Garden of Words is also amazing. Makoto Shinkai recently did an anime short called She and Her Cat. I plan on doing a review for it within the next few days to a week (at latest), but I HIGHLY recommend it. You can watch the whole thing in an hour or an hour and a half. SO lovely and bittersweet. 🙂

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      • Hope u enjoy it. I’m not really a fan of the illustration style so I don’t think it’s for me. But I will definitely try She and Her Cat 🙂 aw, that’s sweet. Wolf Children has some great music. The theme of family is strong in it, too. Btw, this is just a suggestion, u don’t have to implement it, but it’d be cool to read a post that recommends anime based on book titles (“if u like book A, u’ll like anime B” for eg), or a post on bookish animes.

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