The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

I’ve been a bit slow on outlining the next few posts for the blog. So, when the super-fantastic Zezee over at Zezee With Books nominated me for this award, I was so happy and excited and honoured. Her post is pretty cool! You guys should check it out, just click the pink link above. 😀


To accept this award, I must:
  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog
Zezee’s Questions:
  1. What TV show are you currently hooked on? – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s my all-time favourite show ever and I enjoy re-watching it when I’m feeling down. I’m on my 8th watch-through of it.
  2. It’s now spring, which makes me think of spring flings. Do you tend to hop from book to book before settling on one to read, or are you decisive on what your next read will be? – Oh I definitely hop. I’m an extremely moody and emotional reader. Sometimes, especially during hot weather, I usually read the first chapter or two of a book before I can devote myself to it. This happens a lot when I have no fricking clue what I’m in the mood for, haha.
  3. Are you able to listen to music while you read? Music makes me daydream, so it interrupts my reading. – Sort of. I listen to rain sounds, all different sorts. It really helps to calm my mind and relax me. The noise helps to break silence, which makes me severely uncomfortable (thanks PTSD), and rain is my absolutely favourite thing, ever… aside from books of course!
  4. Speaking of which, do you daydream often? If so, what are they about? – Yeah… I’m a total daydreamer. I usually daydream random stories that my brain wants me to write, but they never stick around when I make it to a pen & paper, or keyboard.
  5. What odd thoughts do you often mull over? – This is a little sad (I’m sorry), but I like to think about what songs my brother would be playing on the piano if he were around in the moment, or the different discussions we’d have on literature and films. He was my most favourite person to talk to… about all sorts of randomness.
  6. Do you have a bookish bucket list? If so, what are the top five things? – 5) Read both editions of The Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki Shikibu. 4) Collect all of the Japanese volumes of the Initial D manga. 3) Meet Haruki Murakami in person. 2) Collect every single Stargate novel ever released. 1) To read every book on my bookshelves at least once before I die.
  7. What’s the most unique book you’ve ever read? – 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It’s a most unusual magical realism novel, to say the least.
  8. What’s the first thing that attracts you to stories that later become favourites? For example, I’ve realized that the first thing that attracts me to stories that later become my favourites is how the author tells the story (not necessarily how they write). Those stories usually have a lot of exposition and details. – Really great friendships that have believable and natural chemistry. My favourite book series EVER is The Blade of the Flame Trilogy by Tim Waggoner. The two MCs, an assassin-turned-priest and a half-orc mercenary, have one of the best friendships I’ve ever read. I go back re-read the series just for those two!
  9. Do you enjoy stories that do not have a definite ending? I find them very annoying but if you do like them, I’m curious to know why. – I think for certain stories they are necessary and can be quite fitting. An example would be Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami, or When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka. Aside from that, I traditionally don’t care for them much. I utterly loathe them if it’s for a book I strongly disliked.
  10. Do you reread books? Why or why not? – Yes. Similarly to re-watching films I love, I just very much enjoy experiencing the story (or characters) over and over again. I feel like I can always find something new and exciting in a re-read (or re-watch), details I didn’t catch the first time. It makes me fall in love with the title all over again. On uncommon occasions, I’ll re-read to refresh my memory of the title (if I don’t recall it well) so I can discuss it with friends/colleagues.
  11. When you’re deeply engrossed in a story and happen upon an unfamiliar word, do you pause to look it up, continue reading, or make note of it but continue reading with plans to look it up when done? – I finish the sentence, or paragraph, and then I look it up and re-read the paragraph again. I love learning new words and I find the act of looking stuff up while I read to be interactive haha.
I want to thank Zezee for tagging me! This was a fun tag and the questions created were awesomely thought-provoking, haha. I actually learned some new stuff about myself as a reader! 😀
Blogs I Nominate:

Huntress of Diverse Books
Brendon: Reading & Gaming for Justice
Samantha, Where’s My Bookmark?
Rustling Reads
Tavleen (Travelling Through Words)
Pirates & Pixie Dust
Jess @ JBelkBooks

Neha’s Questions:
  1. What bookish universe terrifies you the most, but you’d still love to visit?
  2. Describe your dream reading location/setting?
  3. Do you like comic books? If yes, then what is your favourite all-time comic book/series?
  4. If you could have any pet that’s from a book/book series, which pet would it be?
  5. What are 2 bookish pet peeves that you have?
  6. What is the very first book that you ever felt you could relate to on a personal level?
  7. What is a genre that you will never pick up?
  8. If you could have a video game created off of a book world, which book world would it be? (For example, I would LOVE to play an open-world RPG game based off the Stargate novels.) If you’re not a gamer, then which book would you LOVE to see being made into a film (that doesn’t already have one)?
  9. What are 3 books you want to conquer before you die?
  10. What is your favourite bookish friendship?
  11. What is your favourite beverage to drink while reading?

8 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

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  2. Yeahie!! Glad you did it. Aww Friends. It’s been a while since I watched that show. I used to watch it all the time in college cause we only had basic cable and at night that was the only good thing on..and Golden Girls.
    Yup, I’m a moody reader too. It’s also why I always have more than one book on the go.
    Oh I love the sound of the rain! I prefer to be home relaxing when it rains and love when there’s a thunderstorm as I nod off to sleep.
    And most people who’ve read 1Q84 loved it. I’ve been tempted to give it a read, but haven’t yet made my way to it.
    I’m sorry to hear about your brother.

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    • This was a lot of fun! 😀 OMG GOLDEN GIRLS! I loved that show when I was younger haha. My only complaint with 1Q84 is that is can get super dense once in a while that makes it a slow read, but the entire thing isn’t that way. 🙂 And thank you, he was an amazing person. I have plenty of awesome memories to help me keep going. ♥

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  3. Thanks for nominating me. I’ll be doing the tag (promise!) but it’ll take me some time as I’ve got to do another one of these first. I love your questions!

    I used to listen to bird songs while working 😀 . Now I don’t do that anymore. But I never listen to anything while reading, I wouldn’t notice the music anyway 😀 .


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