Biblio Achievements Check-In #1

Good day, biblio-mates!

I meant to write up this quarter-check-in-thingymajig at the very beginning of April, but to be perfectly up front with you all… I totally forgot. Eh, I’m only human, what can ya do?

At the very end of 2016, I created a list of all of the bookish achievements that I hoped to unlock with 2017’s finale. There were seven trophies total and I’m here to share my progress with you all! One of the main reasons that I want to do this is because it forces me to take a look at how I’m doing instead of just ignoring it. This will help keep me motivated and aggressive towards being successful in my biblio-pursuits! If this can help inspire others out there, then that would be even more awesome! 😀

Slay That Serial!

Initially I had 5 book serials on my list, but after looking over the list I realised that most of these are really fucking long and the concept of reading 5 super long serials is kind of ridiculous. So, I narrowed the list down to 4 allowing me to read one series per season.

I started Winter 2017 with the Pretty Little Liars series, written by Sara Shepard. There are 16 books in the series with two side-story/prequel novels bringing the total to 18! The TV show was a guilty pleasure for me, so I was pretty excited to dive into the novels. Unfortunately, about halfway through (book 9, to be specific) I ended up dropping the series. Book eight would have literally been the PERFECT finale for the whole series, but there are a subsequent pile of books that continued onwards, painfully stretching the series so thin with insanely inconsistent and ridiculous plot twists for shock value. The mere idea of picking up any more books felt like an excruciating chore. I knew if I persisted, the reading slump I was going through would only bloom into more months. So, I ditched it. I don’t see this as a failure because I legit tried, I tried my damnedest, to tackle the series. If reading becomes painful, literally (headaches galore) then there’s no fun and no point to it.

Spring (and the 2nd quarter) has started and so have I… on the second serial that is! It’s an adult action-adventure-suspense series called Sigma Force written by James Rollins. I loved a few of the books that I had read over the past couple of years. I didn’t realise it was all a part of a larger series until November of last year, so I decided I wanted to read them all in order this year. It’s ongoing, so I’m hoping to be all caught up by the end of Spring. Wish me luck y’all! I believe there are approximately 12 books in the series thus far.  ✔️

Manga Master!!

The goal here is to buy and read more manga! I love manga very much, but for the past three or four years I ended up taking a break (unintentionally) from it all (includes anime). This year, I am determined to pick this medium up and keep the passion alive. My reading target is 100 volumes. To keep up with this achievement, I should’ve read 25 volumes by now. Well… I have read 38 volumes! Woot, so I’m definitely kicking this achievement’s ass. I’ve also purchased 31 volumes, which is much more than I’ve bought over the past two years combined.   ✔️

#OwnVoices NOT Optional

I want to read more books about marginalised people, written by marginalised people. What this means is that I want to read more stories with diversity that have characters who are from the LGBTQIA+ community, are POC (people of colour), have disabilities (mental and physical), and a myriad number more. I think this will help me evolve as a person as well as a reader. The idea is to read at least 1-2 #OwnVoices novels per month. Here’s how I’m fairing so far:

  • January – 1
  • February – 2
  • March – 3

I think I can safely call this achievement a success thus far as well!!  ✔️

Kindle Killer

Man, with a great website such as BookBubs that offers amazing daily deals on Kindle books, I’ve amassed quite an insane collection. The idea was to defeat the Kindle monster, but alas… I have failed terribly. Since the start of 2017, I haven’t read a single ebook… Shame, shame, shame… 🚫

Readathon Ready!

The title is a little misleading. My target isn’t to participate in more readathons, but actually to create themes for myself for each season so that I can get through the different parts of my library. For Winter 2017, I admit that I forgot to set a theme. But for Spring the theme is COMIC BOOKS!! I’m so excited about this because I have an awesome stack of comics to pile-dive through. I guess that means this achievement is half-success??  ✔️

Booming BookTube

I’m very proud of myself for this one! The idea here is to post at least one BookTube video per week, which I have been doing pretty damn consistently. There have been a few weeks where I was able to put out two videos! Definitely kicking ass here.  ✔️

Clash of the Mediums

Ah, this was a random goal that I inserted into my list so that it would inspire me to be more creative as well as to play more video games! The achievement is unlocked when I create an array of original book tags inspired by video games, films, and maybe even music. So far I have created a total of 2 book tags this year. While that may not seem like a lot, I feel like it’s not a bad start. Bonus: I’ve been playing more video games this year than I have within the past few years. Double WOOT!   ✔️

Well, that does it for my Book Achievements Check-In. Hopefully the next one won’t be as long, haha. Thanks for stopping by my small corner and sharing your time with me! Happy reading!!

What are some bookish goals that you are striving towards this year??

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