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KADO: The Right Answer (Seikaisuru Kado) is an original anime series brought to us by the studio of Toei Animation (Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon Crystal). It’s a science-fiction-fantasy series that looks to be quite promising! One beautiful day, flight 252 is about to take off from Haneda International Airport, when a mysterious cube appears out of the sky. It descends down to the airport and lands on top of plane, which tries to abort the flight upon the cube’s appearance, and absorbs it. Thus, begins the mystery of this strange cube and how to rescue the people aboard flight 252, if they are still alive.

KADO, Ep. #1 a

The series actually begins with an Episode 0 prior to Episode 1. Let me be the first to tell you, Episode 0 is wholeheartedly useless… at least for the most part. It plays as an introduction to an array of characters and lays out the foundation for us to get familiar with the protagonist, Kōjiro Shindo, who is an expert diplomatic negotiator. But it’s so damn boring. This prequel episode almost made me not want to watch KADO at all, which would have sucked because the first real episode was quite brilliant.

The show is science heavy. Not just science-fiction, but actual science as it pertains to physics, bioengineering, etc. etc. I love hard science, so this immediately hooked my attention. The story itself was very engrossing. I felt myself get caught up with the caution and paranoia of the episode that I didn’t realise some full twenty-some-odd minutes had passed. With Episode 0 all I could do was count down the seconds until its end. It’s safe to say that I’m really fucking captivated by KADO.

Admittedly, however, I get the feeling that the anime’s plot may be too ambitious and the audience will either be left with numerous unanswered questions, or a cliff-hanger to season two. That’s all just speculation though, based on prior experience with shows of this calibre. My suspicions aside, I was also blown away by the animation. It is a mixture of hand-drawn art and 3DCG, but it’s done in such a way that’s it’s virtually flawless and wonderfully fluid. The 3D elements work to enhance the visual aesthetic of the cube and the environments without feeling out-of-place or jarring. It’s meticulously detailed. I love that.

Overall, I think KADO: The Right Answer is worth a shot. Episode 0 aside, my initial impression is a genuine interest to see how everything will unfold and to see if this can turn into a science-fiction gem that’s finally different that then video-game-transportation bullshit that seems to be the popular trope nowadays with the genre.

You can watch KADO: The Right Answer on CrunchyRoll at Thursdays, 7am PST!

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  1. I didn’t mind episode 0 but it is a tad slow and ultimately does not seem necessary to understand the set up in episode 1. The whole thing probably would have worked better as a better paced extended first episode really.
    Anyway, I really liked the set up for this story and I hope it doesn’t trip itself up because I really would enjoy a good sci-fi.

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