The Royal Tutor – First Impressions

The Royal Tutor was originally a manga published by Square Enix and serialised in Monthly G Fantasy in Japan. The studio behind the animation is Bridge Studio. The story revolves around a short, highly intelligent man named Heine, who has been given the post of Royal Tutor to four princes. The princes have been adamantly anti-tutor & studies, so the Royal Tutor position has been a very difficult one to fill and keep filled.

When I began the first episode, I got a bit of an Ouran-esque vibe from it (Ouran High School Host Club) due to the nature of the princes’ personas, which to be perfectly honest almost made me not want to watch it. I don’t have anything against Ouran, it’s one of my favourite serials actually, but the trope is over-done. Yet as I continued to watch, I became very intrigued by the tutor himself. While each prince has a unique personality that makes him difficult as a student, it was very interesting to watch Heine Sensei analyse them based on their behaviours, particular ways that they spoke, etc. His analyses became the highlight of the episode for me. After watching the second episode, I found that the show has somewhat of a GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka vibe too, where the lesson, or way of helping the students, is by getting to know them intimately and then customising the lesson to their needs/personality, if that makes any realm of sense.

While the show didn’t scream out to me as a super-awesome-really-fantastic type, there are enough qualities shown that has me interested to see which direction it will take. The animation itself is pretty much average; nothing extraordinary or breath-taking. It’s clean and seemingly well-developed. I found the outdoors scenery to be more pleasant than the interior of the mansion. The mansion, or palace, just felt like an atypical reproduction of a European mansion that seems quite standard in anime with such structures.

Overall, no plans in dropping it thus far. My curiosity has piqued. Also, to be perfectly upfront, intellectual characters can be such a weakness for me.

You can watch The Royal Tutor on CrunchyRoll at Tuesdays, 11:35am PST!

The Royal Tutor Ep. #1 a

The Royal Tutor Ep. #1 c

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  2. I have to agree. The show works but the Princes aren’t really the draw. It’s the tutor who is keeping me interested at this point in time.

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