as the moon, so beautiful – First Impressions

as the Moon, so beautiful (Tsuki ga Kirei) is an original romance anime that’s produced by feel. Animation Studio and being directed by Seiji Kishi (Kamisama Dolls, Assassination Classroom). The story revolves around middle-schoolers Kotaro, a bookish boy who aspires to become an author, and Akane, a track girl who really enjoys running. They meet up in class for the first time and seem to have an attraction that awkwardly grows as they get tossed into the same group for school festival planning.

When I first saw a screen-cap of the episode, I was blown away by how gorgeous it looked. The art-style immediately had my attention. But as I watched the first episode, there were a couple of facets about the art that ended up bugging me a tiny bit. There is an awkward white outline that seems to drape the characters, and most of everything else in the show, making everything appear overtly shiny, or seeming to glow constantly. It just felt a bit unnecessary and gauche, at least to me. Nevertheless, the scenery and details of the environments and settings were rather flawless.

The story was super paced and very slow. To be frank, I felt myself getting slightly bored with the episode as it progressed. I just couldn’t focus on much of what was happening because it felt like it was taking far longer than necessary. There is quite a lot of concentration on the facial expressions and bodily behaviours that the characters have as they are both shy and very uncomfortable with directly approaching one another. So the sluggish pacing could be a tool used to evoke emotion and empathy. I will also admit that this did make their interactions as budding teenagers feels a whole lot more natural and realistic versus the fetishised portrayal that tends to be common in modern anime.

Overall, I wasn’t completely awed by a long-shot, but I want to watch another episode or two and see if the pacing increases, or if the general plot just picks up more. If the dawdling continues, then I’ll probably drop the series as I won’t be able to stay interested in it, even if it is pretty as heck.

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Tsukigakirei, Ep. #1 b