#SpringHorror Readathon TBR!!

I’ve had some very sucky moodiness recently, in regards to reading that is. I’ve wanted to dive into comics one second and historical fiction the next. It’s been an inconvenient hot mess! But last night, while catching up on BookTube videos, specifically a TBR video posted by Bookworm Eve, I discovered a new and interesting readathon that begins today (April 17th) and lasts until the end of the month (April 30th). It’s called the Spring into Horror Readathon. I decided to hop in and give it a shot. Maybe it can calm the random-reading beast within me, haha. If you want to check out the readathon, here’s a link to the sign-up page.

The readathon is only two weeks long and the main goal for this event is to read at least one horror novel during this time period. I didn’t want to create an overly-ambitious book list, so I’m going to keep it simple with two novels; one book per week (hopefully). I have a third novel listed at the bottom on the lucky chance that I manage to finish my list before the readathon’s end.


The Black Book of Secrets by F.E. Higgins: This is a middle-grade, gothic, dark fantasy novel about a kid named Ludlow Fitch, who flees from his parents during a session where his teeth are being painfully extracted for a sale. Running as fast and far as he can, the kid eventually lands in a small village where he will meet a most unusual mentor and discover the leather-bound Black Book of Secrets. I’ve read the first couple of chapters and thus far it’s sensationally fast-paced and quite riveting.

Cold Moon Over Babylon by Michael McDowell: I first heard about this from Katie over at ChapterStackss. For my boyfriend’s birthday, I bought him a copy and he loved it. I decided to borrow it for this readathon! It’s an adult, Southern horror novel. The tale takes place in Babylon, a sleepy small town, where the Larkin family has suffered a terrible tragedy many years before. Now, once again, tragedy is about to befall them. Margaret Larkin will be robbed of her innocence and brutally murdered by a killer beyond the reach of the law. Then strange happenings begin to occur all over Babylon—flashing blue traffic lights, ghostly hands slithering up out of the kitchen sink, graves erupting in a local cemetery, and beneath the lake a shifting, almost human, shape slowly takes form.

BONUS READ – Alien: The Movie Novelisation by Alan Dean Foster: A horror film classic that ignited my passionate obsession for the Xenomorph, Alien is a fantastic feat of psychologically suspenseful filmmaking and I’m very excited to check out the novelisation of it! You can always gain new insight when reading the book for a film. For people unfamiliar with the story, here’s a snippet: Seven space travellers awoke from cryogenic sleep as their ship, the Nostromo, was headed back to Earth after a mission. But a planet passing beneath them was signalling for help. By space law, they are obligated to stop, descend, explore and provide assistance. Preparing themselves with weapons gear, they land and head off in search. However, what they encounter is a terrifying mystery, so frighteningly alien that they end up fighting for their lives.


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