Manga Reorganisation Adventure!

With the beginning of May, I have decided that it’s time for me to completely re-organise my manga collection. Why I have decided to do this in the same month that I’m participating in the Video-A-Day Challenge on BookTube, I have no clue. Maybe asshole-induced torture is rubbing off on me via my killer kitty-cats.

Unlike the challenge, I will not be spending an entire month devoted to this OCD project. Instead, I’m hoping to accomplish this task by the end of this week! So, for the next five to seven days, most of my posts on BiblioNyan will revolve this process of organisation. I’m actually very, very excited about doing this. I had been meaning to get to it when I moved into my new house at the end of 2015, but between getting situated and sheer fucking laziness, it hasn’t happened… UNTIL NOW!!! MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!

I began last night and I’m already really pleased with how the first two shelves on my first bookcase are looking. The only complaint I have is that I’ve found myself with a lot of space for nerd and otaku loot. I guess it’s finally time to bust out with my Funko Pops and go hunting for more geek merchandise. Oh, the fangirl in me is alive with anticipation.

In addition to re-organising it all, I’m also cataloguing it so I can keep track of what I’ve got in my library, how much it’s all worth, and which serials I need to complete or catch-up on. Here are a couple of pictures of what the first two shelves look like! I plan on sharing my entire manga collection with you all over the course of the next week! If anyone’s interested in seeing how I’m cataloguing it all, drop me a comment and I’ll share.

Happy reading!



6 thoughts on “Manga Reorganisation Adventure!

  1. Are you organizing them in a particular way?
    I always have a hard time deciding whether or not I want to store my manga volumes upright or sideways. I noticed a lot of yours are sideways. Do you have a preference? Or do you only do it for a few series, etc.?

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    • I keep in them alphabetical order for the most part. I’ve started stacking them horizontally if the volumes are the same size, because it fits my shelf better. Volumes that are larger or unusually smaller, I store upright. I’ve already noticed a lot more space opening up because of this. 🙂


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