The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami – A Book Review

23128304What a peculiar type of book! It’s actually a Borzoi book, which means there’s special attention to detail such as the card stock, illustrations, and overall format that make it very unique, creating a seemingly “special” feeling to a rather ordinary book. The structure of it was definitely interesting and helped provide creative visuals for the strange happenings. Although the flaps do make it awkward to hold and flip through as you read. Regardless, I found the set-up to be one of the most pleasant aspects of the novel.

As far as the storytelling itself goes, I found that there were some brilliantly thought-provoking motifs in it, wrapped in magical realism laced allegories. The concepts explored revolved around how libraries are established on a give-and-take system in regards to knowledge, coincidence is usually your imagination just compensating for something it refuses to accept as reality, and lastly standing up for yourself and being brave can save you a whole mess of suffering, especially in ways you never thought possible.

Literature like this is exactly what makes Haruki Murakami such a fantastically imaginative and brilliant author. He’s the genius of the modern literary age, and he’ll always be my favourite author because of it.

I recommend this to fans who don’t mind oddities shimmering in the pool of magical realism.

4.75 starlings outta 5!

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  2. When this book was first released, I thought I would absolutely love it. Murakami + libraries = sounds good to me! I still haven’t read it though ^^; Glad to hear it stands up to his other works. Thanks for putting it back on my radar 😛

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