Manga Spring Cleaning Shelfies!!

Last week I embarked on an adventure to completely re-organise and catalogue my manga collection, as well as clean off my dusty shelves. I’m so proud that this project has been very successful so far. There’s even been a huge decrease in my morning sneezing ritual!

To celebrate this wonderful, easy-breathing accomplishment, I wanted to share some shelfies of my clean manga library with you all. So far I’ve made my way through two of my three bookcases. Seeing how lovely the collection looks, I’m almost tempted to re-organise my regular library… ehh… almost, LOL.

Let me know what y’all think. Loves and hugs and happy reading to all!

shelf 3

shelf 4

shelf 5

shelf 7

shelf 8

shelf 6

shelf 9


6 thoughts on “Manga Spring Cleaning Shelfies!!

  1. I’m just starting my spring cleaning of my entire library. I cleared out a lot of classics, now I’m getting ready to attack the bulk of my collection. I’m going to save my manga for last.

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