Aho-Girl – First Impressions

Aho-Girl is the anime adaptation of a 4-panel manga series written by Hiroyuki. The serial is directed by Keizō Kusakawa and produced by Diomedéa studio. This comedic show has episodes that run about 12-minutes each, and to be blunt, I don’t think I could handle anything longer than that.

The show’s about the everyday lives of a small group of high school kids, specifically our female protagonist named Yoshiko Hanabatake. She’s an idiot. I don’t mean that to be rude or insulting. She’s legit a huge idiot when it comes to academics and social situations. As such, this gets her into a lot of trouble, and continues to annoy the living heck out of her neighbour and closest friend, Akuru Akutsu.

AG 02

After watching the first episode, the only thought that twirled within my mind was, “What the colossal fuck did I just watch?” It’s such a random ass fucking show. The first episode was cut up into three different sections that worked as miniature episodes within the 12-minute span. In each one, Yoshiko is outrageously inappropriate and over-the-top with her theatrics. Whether she’s vying for the attention of Akutsu-kun, trying to convince people that bananas are the greatest thing in existence (gross), or just being a random uproarious little  busy-body–she does everything with cringe-worthy behaviour and mannerisms. I’m sure that this is supposed to be the charming aspect that creators were going for, but I can easily see this getting tedious and overwhelming in a bing-session.

I will confess, there were plenty of moments where the nonsensical, WTF humour elicited a laugh out of me. But I also found Yoshiko to be so irritating as a character. Maybe I just don’t like people who are as colossally stupid or insensitive as she is. It could also be that I don’t find her to be an attractive character, so having to see her half-naked in half-assed attempts at seducing her neighbour just really didn’t float my fancy.

AG 04

I think people who really enjoyed Sakamoto-san Desuka, will find pleasure in Aho-Girl. I like Sakamoto, but over time the humour stopped being charming to me. In the long run, I feel the same may happen with my relationship with this serial if I decide to keep going.

Overall, I’m undecided. I liked the laughs I had, but… she’s so fucking annoying. I think I’ll watch another episode to really see if I want to invest my time into it. I recommend this to anyone who loves humour of this calibre.

You can catch Aho-Girl on CrunchyRoll on Tuesdays at 8:30am.