#24in48 Readathon Announcement & TBR!

It’s time for another readathon! The last one that I participated in was the Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon, which I had a lot of fun with. My luck with readathons this year hasn’t been too great as I have been battling one reading slump after another. But Dewey’s was a good one, and I’m sincerely hoping that this one will turn out to be a success for me as well.

readathon1The 24in48 Readathon is hosted by its creator, Rachel. It spans over the course of a weekend, July 22nd-23rd, from 12:01am Saturday to 11:59pm Sunday, lasting for a total of 48 hours. The whole point of the readathon is to read for a grand total of 24-hours during this 48-hour period. It was inspired by the 24-hour readathons and the fact that sometimes 24 hours isn’t enough, or it can too much pressure. Most people have obligations (work, school, etc.) that prevent them from being able to participate for the full 24-hours no matter how much they would like to. This was created as a wonderful alternative, offering some options for people who can’t commit to a 24-hour only event.

One of my favourite aspects about this event is that you, as the reader, have complete flexibility on how to accomplish the goal and how you keep track of total hours read. You can read for 24-hours straight, or break it up into chunks. Maybe 12-hours on one day and twelve on the second day. Maybe you’d prefer to read in smaller chunks, or something in between. The beauty is that you accommodate it to fit whatever needs you may have. I’ll probably break it up into 4-hour chunks since I am someone who tends to get very restless if I do one activity for longer than that time-span (with video games being the exception). As far as keeping track of it, I’ll probably create a page-long reading log, broken down by the hours over the two days. I enjoy things like that.

If you’d like more information on this readathon, here’s a link to Rachel’s 24in48 website where you can catch all of the rules and FAQs.

You can check out my tentative TBR for the readathon down below. I decided to keep it small and simple so I don’t add too much pressure on myself. Reading Slumps have been my mortal nemesis this year, and I don’t want to risk triggering yet another one by overwhelming myself with too high of expectations.

My To-Be-Read Stack:
  1. Goosebumps #9: Welcome to Camp Nightmare by R.L. Stine – I have been a huge fan of this cheesy-as-hell middle-grade horror series since I first encountered them in the 5th grade. Over the past year, I have been working on collecting the series and reading them along the way. Considering the last time I read a Goosebumps novel was back in February or March, I figured it was time for another one. This one is about a kid who’s dumped at a Summer camp by his parents. He very quickly realises that this camp is unlike other ones as there be monsters in the night.
  2. Malice by Keigo Higashino – I acquired this last June as a part of my massive Japanese book haul. I’ve been wanting to buy this book for such a long time, and when I finally found this most lovely edition of it, I snagged a copy. It’s a dark, crime fiction novel from an author who does suspense and tension very well. The readathon is a great excuse to dive into this because I can marathon it without worrying about unnecessary interruptions, woot.
  3. Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto – Yoshimoto is one of my favourite contemporary Japanese authors. Her contemporary fiction is absolutely brilliant and evokes emotions so splendidly. Her magical realism is something I haven’t experienced yet, and I wanted to remedy this during 24in48. Having heard phenomenal things about her magical realism stories, I picked up Asleep. It’s a small book about three ladies who all have varying degrees of problems where sleep is concerned.
  4. Planetes Omnibus #1 by Makoto Yukimura – A hard science-fiction series about a small crew of men who are charged with cleaning debris out of near-Earth’s orbit, this manga series sounds so simple and divine. The seinen series is something that’s been on my shelf for a while. Since I’ve been in such a mood for science-fiction narratives, and the artwork is absolutely breathtaking, I thought Planetes would be a good break from blocks of text with a refreshingly different tale to boot.


3 thoughts on “#24in48 Readathon Announcement & TBR!

  1. Ooh great TBR!! 📚💜 I love Banana Yoshimoto’s works 👌💕 Also Malice, I need to read it. Fingers crossed you can best those damned reading slumps! Will be cheering you on😊


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