Weekend Reads #4: Magical Creatures & Galactic War!

Happy Friday, friends! I wish you all a fantastic weekend, filled with laughter, smiles, and good vibes.

Sir Betrothed and I are planning on having a very relaxing couple of days, watching films and playing video games. Hopefully, I will also be able to squeeze in some reading time between these activities. Today, I’m going to share with you all of the books that I plan on dipping my nose into, if I actually manage to get to the reading!

The Menagerie (The Menagerie #1) by Tui T. Sutherland and Kari Sutherland

Written by a pair of Venezuelan-American authors, this short middle-grade fantasy novel follows Logan Wilde and Zoe Kahn as they hunt down some stolen griffin cubs in an effort to save The Menagerie and all of the magical creatures that it, as well as Zoe’s family, protects.

Dauntless (The Lost Fleet #1) by Jack Campbell

This adult hard science-fiction series revolves around Captain John “Black Jack” Geary who is a renown war hero from an intense battle one hundred years into the past, presumed to be dead. When the Alliance fleet discovers his body in a deep state of hibernation, the fate of the entire fleet as its known changes. Reluctantly, Captain John takes command of the Alliance fleet in the midst of tragedy and attempts to lead the fleet through a dreary galactic war with the Syndicates.

Planetes Omnibus Collection Volume 2 by Makoto Yukimura

A seinen manga serial that tells the story of a small crew of astronauts who are charged with cleaning and protecting Earth’s near-orbit from various debris and space garbage. This particular collection contains the second half of the entire series, with breathtaking illustrations and intellectually invigorating stories that are smart and rich with physics, astronomy, and other sciences.