My Favourite Reading Munchies!

Good morning to all on this muggy Monday! Today I decided to do a fun post and take a small break from analytical reviews, and whatnot, to chat about my second favourite thing: food!

While I’m reading, I tend to get very antsy and my ADHD starts to kick in. In addition to helping me focus better on my books, having some snacks around gives my fingers something to fiddle with. Cuddling with cats also helps my fingers because I can pet them while I read away, but those moody bastards don’t always want affections. *Sobs in a corner.*

So, get comfortable and prepare to get some munchy cravings of your own as I dive right into the yummy, buttery, sweet, and salty!

Snacks For Reading Physical Books:

Popcorn: This is so easy to make and even easier to eat one-handed! I find popcorn to be very filling as well, so it’s the perfect tasty companion for extended reading sessions.


Chocolate Pocky: Another one-handed hunger weapon, Pocky is one of my ultimate weaknesses. It’s not too sweet, extremely mobile, and very delicious. While chocolate is my favourite flavour, I’m always in awe and very appreciative of the wide variety of flavours that this Japanese snack comes in.


Potato Chips: Regular, or plain, potato chips are something else I absolutely love. The only down side about eating chips is, depending on the brand and how they’re made, they can get to be slightly greasy. I always keep a slightly moistened paper towel beside me while I munch on these. I don’t really care for crazy flavours when it comes to potato chips. I really like the simple taste of potatoes.


Snack For Reading E-Books (Usually on My Computer):

Since I don’t need my hands at all while I’m reading digital media on my computer, except to hit the arrow keys, I like to eat foods that are a bit heartier and longer-sustaining when I’m absorbed in e-books.

Fried Rice: Probably one of my top five favourite foods of all-time, I love whipping up some fried rice. It can be super easy or a bit complicated, depending on the sort of fried rice I end up making. Most of the time, I use a handful of vegetables, eggs, and potatoes to create it. If I’m really hungry, I’ll turn it into omurice.


French Fries: Oh look, more potatoes. The ultimate guilty indulgence for me, I turn to French Fries usually when my stress levels are in high-gear. Since these aren’t that great for my heart, I can only indulge once in a while. Most of the time, I’ll eat French Fries while I’m knee-deep in a book that’s quite dense.


Pizza: I feel like pizza is just mandatory for readathons, and being alive in general. Toss me a pie with extra cheese, mushrooms, and olives and you will have me reading excitedly, as well as very happily, for hours upon hours.


Beverages For A Biblio-Good Time!

There are really only two drinks that I whole-heartedly adore when I am reading and those consist of home-made Indian Chai, and hot chocolate with extra Cool Whip on top!


That’s it for all of the snacks I like to munch on whilst reading! Please share with me down below some of your most-beloved munchies while you’re reading, gaming, or watching films! Thank you for stopping and wishing a lovely day to you all!

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  1. Haha, this was a really fun post. Honestly when I am reading I hardly eat anything. But when I am watching movies my go to food is eating crisps. Pretty much any favour will do 😀 And huge bags of them as well lol 😂😂

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