Fall 2017 Anime Watchlist!

With the Summer season of shows fast approaching their finale, I decided it was a good time to take a look at the offerings for the Fall anime line-up. I have noticed that quite a few of the simulcasts will be continuations of other serials, or films, previously released, most of which I’m not familiar with. In a way, I feel relieved by this.

Recently, I have been going through a bit of an anime watching slump. Similarly to reading slumps, it’s been really challenging for me to sit down and watch a lot of things, some of which have been rather good. Since this slump has been slinking away bit by bit, I hope that the Fall season will assist me in re-awakening my otaku passions. Quite of the few serials listed thus far have filled me with excitement as they seem to have great potential!

Listed down below are eight serials that I will test out when the new season begins in October. This is a tentative list, meaning that I may drop a couple, or add more to it as the premieres gets closer and closer. These are in no particular order.

Black Clover

This action, adventure, fantasy series is an adaptation of the manga written by Yūki Tabata. Studio Pierrot (Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto) will be making it with director, Tetsuya Yoshihara. It follows a young boy named Asta who dreams of becoming the greatest mage. But he doesn’t have any powers whatsoever. One day he receives an incredibly rare 5-leaf clover grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic. With this newfound item, he hopes to achieve his goals of becoming the Wizard King.

I’ve heard many good things about the series from mates who are fans of the manga. While I haven’t read the manga myself, the premise seems intriguing enough that I want to see the first episode at the very least! There are also aren’t many things that Studio Pierrot has created, that I have seen, which I didn’t like or enjoy.

Code: Realise – Guardian of Rebirth (Code:Realise – Sōsei no Himegimi)

This is a steampunk, fantasy series that was originally a video game for the PlayStation Vita published by Idea Factory in Japan and Aksys Games in the US and Europe. Studio M.S.C (Prince of Tennis) has picked it up for animation, along with director Hideyo Yamamoto. A lonely girl named Cardia resides isolated from the world, day in and day out. She is the carrier of a unique poison that melts anything that her skin comes into contact with. One day when Royal Guards go hunting for Cardia, she is saved by a boy named Lupin, a thief who helps her escape. Intrigued by the girl, Lupin decides to join forces with Cardia as she embarks on a journey to search for her father, who is the only person with answers in regards to her condition.

I’ve been getting more and more into steampunk lately, and this video game has been on my wish-list on Amazon since its release. I still very much plan on getting the game one day when I’ve caught up on all of my other shit. But in the meantime, why not watch the anime?

Dia Horizon

This is a multimedia project announced by Square Enix (Final Fantasy Franchise, Nier: Automata). The first instalment in this project is the anime! A light novel, manga, and video game have also been announced. Not much aside from that is actually known about this thing. It’s an action-adventure, magical-fantasy series, according to numerous anime news sites. Knowing Square Enix, it will probably involve some sort of epic journey that will lead to doom and gloom (i.e.: the world ending) if the heroes don’t do their hero thing. Whatever the premise, I’ll watch it. I’m a slut for Square Enix. #NoRegrets


This science-fiction series is an adaptation of the seinen manga written by Hiroya Oku, and will be produced by the studio MAPPA (Yuri on Ice!, Kids on the Slope) with directors Keīchi Sato and Shuhei Yabuta. Inuyashiki Ichiro is an elderly dude, who’s very much down on his luck. He has no friends, nor a family that really gives any kind of damn about him. To make matters worse, he is diagnosed with cancer. Just when Inuyashiki begins to think that things can’t possibly get any worse for him, one night while out on a stroll, he’s  hit with a blinding light right where he’s standing! As he awakens, he’s relieved to discover that he’s uninjured. However, quickly afterwards, he realises that there is something very strange about him.

The artwork is strange as fuck for this (at least for the manga). A science-fiction series that sounds really fucking weird as well as looks it? Sign me the heck up!

Just Because!

This is a slice-of-life, original anime series being made by studio Pine Jam (Gamers!) and director Atsuhi Kobayashi. The series revolves around a group of high schoolers who are getting ready to graduate. But the abrupt appearance of a new transfers student changes all of their lives as they know it.

Slice-of-Life shows and narratives are some of my favourites from the anime and manga mediums. While everything about this is still sort of vague, I’m very interested in seeing how it will develop, assuming the first episode is a success.

just because anime

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Mahō Tsukai no Yome)

A very popular supernatural, fantasy manga series written by Kore Yamazaki, this shōnen narrative will be adapted into an anime by WIT Studio (Attack on Titan, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) and director Norihiro Naganuma. Chise Hatori has lived a life of full of neglect and abuse, devoid of any warmth or affection. When a man with the head of a beast obtains her via a slave auction, Chise’s life will never be the same again!

I read the first volume a long time ago, and really liked the premise as well as the art. But then uni got in the way and I never returned to it. When I saw the anime was popping up during the Fall season, I knew I had to watch it!

RoboMasters: The Animated Series

This is an original anime series created by Dandelion Animation Studio and it will depict college students as they prepare and participate in a RoboMasters tournament, which is a competitive event where students build robots to test their ingenuity. I believe this is an actual event that occurs in Japan.

I love that it’s focusing on real science and engineering, and I’m quite curious to see what these college kids can conjure up.

Girls’ Last Tour (Shōjo Shūmatsu Ryokō)

Another science-fiction, slice-of-life series that’s an adaptation of the seinen manga written by Tsukumizu, it’s being created by studio White Fox (Akame ga Kill!, Steins;Gate) and director Takaharu Ozaki. Civilisation is dead. But Chito and Yūri are still alive. They hop aboard their beloved motorbike and wander aimlessly through the ruins of the world they once knew. In the midst of struggling to survive, as long as they have one another, they have a reason to keep living.

The art style for this series is slightly off-putting. However, from past experiences I’ve come to appreciate shows with unique and odd animation styles. A few of those have even become some of the best anime I’ve seen.

That does it for my tentative Fall 2017 Anime Watchlist! Please let me know in the comments section what shows y’all are planning to check out! Happy otakuing to all!

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  1. There are certainly quite a few things to look forward too 😊 Always nice to see done new things that I have not yet heard about 😀

    • I’ve been keeping an eye on some last-minute additions, so I’m sure my list will grow, haha. Thanks for reading, my friend. 🙂 Have a nice weekend.

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