Weekend Reads #7: Japanese Thriller & Chinese Zodiac

Happy Friday to you all!

This weekend I will be starting October’s Birthday Book Challenge! If you’d like more information on this challenge, please check out my post for it. I’m super excited to begin this reading event and I decided to begin with a title from my favourite Asian literature subgenre: Contemporary Japanese literature! In addition, I’ll also be diving into my Autumn Manga TBR with some supernatural romcom, and continuing with the buddy read I’ve going on with Sir Betrothed. Please check out these awesome reads down below.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful weekend ahead, and ask you all to please keep those who are suffering from hurricanes in your thoughts and prayers. If possible, please donate to help save lives. Thank you! ♥

The Butlerian Jihad by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

The novel I’m reading with Sir Betrothed, it’s the first instalment in a prequel series for the Dune Saga written by Frank Herbert, taking place 10,000 years prior to the events of Dune. It’s my fourth time re-reading it, and Sir Betrothed’s first.

Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition Volume 1 & 2 by Natsuki Takaya

This is a shōjo, supernatural, romcom manga serial about a girl named Tohru who ends up homeless due to specific circumstances. One of her classmates learns of her plight and invites her to stay with him and his family. While living with them she quickly learns of a family secret where anyone hugged by a member of the opposite sex turns into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac! I loved the anime when I saw it years ago, and this will  be my first time reading through the manga that the anime was inspired by.

Revenge by Yōko Ogawa

This is an #OwnVoices Japanese novel written by an extraordinary woman. It’s a collection of short stories. The stories in Revenge are linked through recurring images and motifs, as each story follows on from the one before while simultaneously introducing new characters and themes. Filled with breathtaking images, Ogawa provides us with a slice of life that is resplendent in its chaos, enthralling in its passion and chilling in its cruelty.


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