🕷️ Spookathon Readathon TBR! 🎃

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope that your weekend is going along smoothly thus far. Other than being freezing cold, mine shall be full of hot chocolates and plenty o’ reading. 🙂

I’m still on a bit of a hiatus as I work through my mental health, but to be completely honest… I miss blogging. I don’t necessarily miss writing book reviews as that has been rather stressful, especially coupled with the shitty behaviour surrounding the bookish community as of late, but I missed everything else. I miss fangirling about books, or bitching about the bad ones; chatting about anime, or just popping in to wish you all a warm weekend. So… there is a chance that I will slowly pick up my blogging theatrics within the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

With that said, the main reason I am here today is ’cause there’s a really fantastic readathon sprouting up on Monday the 16th called the Spookathon, running until Sunday October 22nd. It’s a Halloween-esque reading event and I wanted to share here in case if any of y’all would be interested in partaking.

I discovered the readathon over on Twitter. There’s a corresponding YouTube channel to go along with it. You can find all of the information by clicking this bold link right here. It’s hosted by three fantastic people: @booksandlala @paigespageskc @shannon_said.

There are 5 Challenges to complete during the week-long readathon:

  1. Read a thriller.
  2. Read a book based on a childhood fear.
  3. Read a book with orange on the cover.
  4. Read a book with a spooky word in the title.
  5. Read a book set in a spooky location.

My original plan was to read through all seven of the Resident Evil novels written by S.D. Perry. Luckily for me, all of the challenges can be satisfied in one shape or another by these seven novels! However, since I am also participating in the Birthday Book Challenge, where I read Asian literature novels for the month of October, I decided to toss in an #OwnVoices Japanese psychological thriller to the TBR. Check them all out down below! 🎃

Resident Evil: Zero Hour (Novelization of Resident Evil: Zero video game) – Satisfies Challenge 2 – As a child I was TERRIFIED of slugs and leaches. Honestly, this hasn’t changed at all. The only difference is that my fears have hired a new musketeer to join their terrorising ranks called SPIDERS. 🕷️

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy (Novelization of Resident Evil video game) – Satisfies Challenge 3 – “Evil” is considered to be a spooky word, so boom. Technically, all of these novels satisfy the challenge, but I chose this book because it’s the second one in the series. 😂

Resident Evil: Caliban Cove (Original novel) – Satisfies Challenge 5 – Caliban Cove, the location of this instalment, is one freaky fucking place. It’s on an abandoned island with roaring waves and ominous weather, along with an abandoned laboratory and lighthouse. I think it fits the spooky vibe quite well.

Resident Evil: City of the Dead (Novelization of Resident Evil 2 video game) – Satisfies Challenge 3 – The cover of this book consists of Jill Valentine amid a backdrop of fire, which tends to be orange more often than not. Woot for fire.

Resident Evil: Underworld (Original novel) – This is an original story taking place within one of Umbrella Corporations secretive buildings.

Resident Evil: Nemesis (Novelization of Resident Evil 3 video game) – This game was so fucking hard to play back in the day, and it’s still pretty fucking hard. So, I read about it instead. I’m a wuss. I admit it. 😂

Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Novelization of Resident Evil: Code Veronica video game) – Satisfies Challenge 1 – This instalment is probably one of the most fucked-up and strange additions to the franchise. It blew my mind when I played it, and once again when I read the book. It’s the perfect thriller because of that.

The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji

Yukito Ayatsuji is the author of the Japanese psychological horror novel, Another, which I absolutely loved. It’s one of my favourite books of all time. When I saw that he had another psychological novel out in English, I had to have it. This readathon is the perfect excuse to read it, as it also satisfies the first challenge. It revolves around a group of college kids who are fascinated by a mysterious house on an island, where a bunch of creepy and grisly murders occurred. In an attempt to solve these murders themselves, they head off to the island and then mysteriously begin dying one after another.


That does it for my Spookathon TBR. If any of you are planning on participating, please lemme know down in the comment sections. I would love to see what kind of spoop-tacular reads y’all plan on diving into.

Also, thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement in the wake of my hiatus. It brought me to tears and gave me lots of hope and fortitude to keep on fighting. Thank you. 💞💞

6 thoughts on “🕷️ Spookathon Readathon TBR! 🎃

  1. Glad to see a post from you again. Miss seeing them and ofcourse you as as well. The Resident Evil novels are great. S.D. Perry did a great job with them that’s for sure. Nice them making an appearance in this post 😀

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