Top 5 Hyped SFF On My TBR

Good morning friends! For anyone who’s stuck around here for a while, or has seen my BookTube channel, they are familiar with the fact that I don’t tend to read a lot of hyped books. When books are super hyped, I’ve noticed that they always fall short in some way or another. However, there are some that, regardless of the hype, have me eagerly interested.

For today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my top five hyped science-fiction and fantasy novels. I won’t provide synopses for them since I like to go into my most-anticipated reads as blind as possible. Instead, I’ll be sharing three to four elements about them that has me so smitten with curiosity. I’m also proud to say that four out of the five titles are diverse books!

Instead of having a typical top five order, I’ve just listed them randomly since my interest in them is pretty equal all around.

1.) The Grace of Kings (Dandelion Dynasty Book One) by Ken Liu (Pronounced Lee-oo)
🗡️ OwnVoices, Chinese Literature, Epic Fantasy
🗡️ Epic fantasy with complex political intrigue
🗡️ Authentic and meticulous incorporation of Chinese cultural elements
🗡️ Scrupulously well-written and an overall phenomenal tale of fantasy

2.) Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse Book One) by James S.A. Corey
🚀 Epic Interplanetary Science-Fiction
🚀 It’s been compared to Frank Herbert’s Dune on it’s scope and scale of world-building.
🚀 Has galactic political intrigue involving the colonisation of most of the solar system, which I love immensely.
🚀 Diversity amongst characters, specifically where sexuality is concerned; diverse sexual orientations are a very normal and natural part of the social structure
🚀 Delightful embodiment of many complex, hard sciences

3.) The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth Trilogy Book One) by N.K. Jemisin
Science-Fantasy; Black Female Author
🔥 Gracefully crafted and sophisticated in it’s world-building
🔥 A wholly original and marvellously rendered combination of both science-fiction and fantasy qualities
🔥 The storytelling is incredible

4.) The Three Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past Book One) by Liu Cixin (Pronunciation: Lee-oo Tsi-Sheen); Translated by Ken Liu ( Pronunciation: Lee-oo)
OwnVoices, Chinese Literature, Science-Fiction
👽 A masterful piece of science-fiction literature that was revolutionary for the genre in China
👽 Set against the backdrop of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
👽 Involves secret military accords and conspiracies between the government and aliens
👽 Capacious in depth and capacity

5.) Ninefox Gambit (The Machineries Empire Book One) by Yoon Ha Lee
☄️ Science-Fiction; Korean Female Author
☄️ An extraordinarily original story
☄️ The concept of having a protagonist with the brain of another individual, one that has it’s very own persona is mind-blowing.
☄️ There’s a complex nature behind the conspiracies, which are intellectually mysterious
☄️ Strange prose that can be a bit challenging to decipher

Those are all of the hyped science-fiction and fantasy novels on my long-list to-be-read list! If y’all have any more recommendations to add, please drop them in the comments section down below. I’d love to check out your thoughts and suggestions. Until next time, wishing you all lots of love and laughter. 💙

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