Life Update: House Fire & Writing Ruts

Good morning fellow book lovers and anime fans!

It has been almost an entire month since my last blog post. I sincerely apologise for my lack of activity. It was completely unplanned. Today, in addition to changing up my blog’s theme for the holidays, I’m here to chat a bit about what’s been going on. My intention for having this chat is to keep you guys posted on current events, as well as to give myself a space where I can vent a little bit about life’s immediate obstacles. I promise not to end the post on a negative note as I will share some of my most current reads, which have all been amazing.

As I have already mentioned, my impromptu break from blogging was utterly unplanned. One morning I awoke rather early so I could plan and schedule some posts, then the next I found myself knee-deep in one of the most atrocious writing ruts that I have ever experienced. In all honesty, I have been struggling with reading this year, so I suppose it was only a matter of time that it would come to affect my capabilities as a writer. I suspect that most of these challenges can be attributed to this particular time of year. The holidays are extremely difficult for me. They are packed with many memories; some are beautiful, but most are haunting and affect my ability to function normally. As someone who is profoundly sentimental and emotional, it can be heart-warming and heartbreaking simultaneously.

Towards the end of November, just a few days prior to Thanksgiving, I felt refreshed and was excited to return to the blogging sphere. Sir Betrothed had received a fantastic occupational opportunity that would take him out of the state for a few weeks. I knew that I would be feeling immensely lonely and unsure of what to do with all of the extra time that would find me with his absence. However, when he left I was overcome with such sadness and I was at a loss of exactly where to begin. Then approximately two days after his departure, during the evening after I had curled up into bed for the night, someone started a fire in the crawlspace of my house, which lies directly beneath my bedroom. If it weren’t my cats, I probably would’ve fallen asleep and the fire would’ve gone unnoticed, potentially at the loss of my life and the lives of my pets. I have never been more grateful for my cats, especially Kiki, as I was that evening. They literally saved my life. (Top Left: Kiki. Top Right: Kheb. Middle: Azizi. Bottom: Shinobi)


All we know for sure is that it was definitely an intentional act of arson. Whether it was personal, or just some random act of violence for someone getting their kicks in a house they believed to be vacant, is extremely difficult to tell; thus far there are absolutely no leads.

This all occurred last Monday evening. As you can probably imagine, everything has been unfathomably chaotic around here. The good news is that aside from some severe smoke inhalation, no one was seriously injured, and the damages to our house were quite miniscule compared to what could have been. Sir Betrothed immediately flew back home, refusing to leave me alone in the wake of such a traumatic experience. We are very grateful that his employers were so understanding and compassionate during this time as well.

So… that is what’s been going in my life. It’s a bit–and I hate to use this word, but it’s really quite fitting–mad as all hell. I’m glad it’s all over and I can concentrate on getting my life back, which includes learning how to be a blogger again.

To be candid with you all, prior to the fire occurring as I was struggling with writing, I questioned myself as a blogger and whether I even wanted to return to this community. It’s not that I don’t love it, or that I’m lazy. I just wasn’t sure if it was really for me. Yet, here I am writing this update. As I do so, I’ve come to realise how deeply I miss writing and discussing books/anime with you all. It can be discouraging when you pour your heart and soul into something and not get the feedback you’re searching for. But the passion and the affection that goes into creating content is its own sort of treat and reward. In addition, since I am being frank, I have this feeling within the darkest corners of my heart, a small whisper if you will, that is telling me not to give up just yet. My time for good-byes has not arrived. Thus, I’m not going anywhere at all. 💖

As I return, I have also made a decision to return to traditional book reviews. While I did enjoy my brief period of short and simple emoji bulleted reviews, it really doesn’t allow me to discuss specific subjects with great detail, or contemplation. It also makes it difficult to rant about things that have a strong, negative affect on me. I hope you all don’t mind reading lengthy reviews and pontifications again.

That about does it for my update. I am no longer on Twitter due to personal emotional and psychological reasons. But I do have two Instagram accounts (@yon.nyan ; @thebookpolygamisst) and a Litsy (@biblionyan) where I consistently talk about my current reads. Please feel free to follow and join me on these sites as you wish. If you need to contact me, but don’t wish to do so via social media outlets, you can leave me a comment anywhere on the BiblioNyan blog, or email me here: .  🙂

A few of the posts that you can look forward to with the week’s progression include my very belated October reading wrap up, the reading wrap up for November, a review for one of my favourite sword and sorcery novels of all-time, and an anime review for InuYasha Season One. I would also like to take a brief moment and ask you all to share with me any specific subjects or blog posts that you’d like me to write on this blog. I could really use the creative assistance as I get back into the swing of things.

Okay, I’m going to stop my ramblings here. Please check out the two books that I’m currently reading down below. Thank you all for sticking by me through 2017 with my very choppy blogging habits. Your support and kinds words have been such an inspiration and motivation for me to keep on doing the things that I love. 💗💗


Thieves of Blood (Blade of the Flame Book One) by Tim Waggoner

This is the first instalment in my favourite book series of all time, the first novel to be released in the Eberron universe. Thieves of Blood is an adult fantasy, sword and sorcery book. It revolves around an assassin-turned-priest and his best friend, who’s a half-orc. Together they travel around to different cities helping those in need along the way. I’m about 230 pages into it on my fifth re-read and I love every little ounce.

Dune: The Machine Crusade (The Legends of Dune Book One) by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

This is the second instalment of a six-part prequel series in my favourite epic science fiction saga of all time. I’m actually buddy reading this with Sir Betrothed; his first time and my third time reading it. It has the best universe building I have ever read in any science-fiction series, with multi-dimensional characters, complex political climates, systematic oppression, and the ever-engaging question of computers versus humans.


4 thoughts on “Life Update: House Fire & Writing Ruts

  1. I am very glad nothing worse happened. You and the furry/feathered kids being safe is something I am very grateful for. Glad to see you decide to stick to writing as I always enjoy reading your stuff

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