300 Posts on BiblioNyan!

Happy Saturday to you all!

I surpassed writing 300 posts a couple of days ago. I’m in shock! I honestly never thought I’d make it this far. To be honest, I probably still have a very long ways to go, but I’ve realised that celebrating the little things in life is what makes it most fulfilling.

I wanted to take a brief moment on this ridiculously cold Saturday morning to say thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to read, comment, or like anything that I have written here on BiblioNyan. Your small acts of kindness and support is what has kept me motivated to keep on going. Here’s to another 300!

Have a beautiful and lovely holiday season everyone! If you don’t partake in the season’s celebrations, then I wish you a cosy and comfy Winter.

Love, hugs, and deepest appreciation
Neko Neha 💖💖💖


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