How to Keep a Mummy: First Impressions (Winter Anime 2018)

How to Keep a Mummy is a series that I originally was not planning on checking out. From the PVs, and reading briefly about the manga series that the anime is an adaptation of, I felt very little interest in it. However, as I was scrolling through CrunchyRoll’s Winter Simulcast list, I came across it and on a whim decided to watch the first episode. I must confess that its impeccably adorable nature has me hooked, to my astonishment.

The series, as I mentioned above, was originally a manga written by Kakeru Utsugi and is being adapted into an anime by studio 8-Bit with direction from Kaori.

In the first episode, you have a young guy named Sora who is going about the house taking care of some minor chores. Then there is a delivery for him from his father who is an archaeologist in Egypt. This package is fricking humongous! He reads the attached note, which says that the package holds a mummy. Sora begins to recall all the other creatures his father has sent him over the years; all of them quite frightening and murderous. When he opens it up, a teeny, tiny mummy stumbles out of it, shocking Sora. For the rest of the episode, he acquaints himself with the small critter in many ways.

Mummy Eps. 01 b

My first impression was simple: holy shit this is too cute. It really was very adorable watching Sora trying to figure out how to care for the mummy, as well as figure out just what kind of mummy it is. I normally do not care for things that are super cutesy (exception: Hello Kitty) without any sort of plot. Luckily, the plot for How to Keep a Mummy seems to be exactly that: how to keep and take care of something that is supposed to be dead but still somehow finds itself animated and needing sustenance.

Another aspect that made the show pleasant were Sora’s reactions. He was legitimately shocked by, not only the ridiculous size of the mummy, but also of the fact that it is moving and reacting to his surroundings. Watching Sora do some research on what it is, what to feed it, what to name it—it was all very normal. He did not have many outrageously convenient experiences, and for me that is a big plus while watching anime that takes on ludicrous traits: an air of relatability.

Mummy Eps. 01 c

While the first episode was not super special, it was definitely (and surprisingly) interesting enough to make me want to keep watching. My biggest concern is similar to most other bloggers out there and that is the sustainability of a show like this for an entire season (approximately ten to thirteen weeks), more so at a full 24-minutes per episode. I fear that the quality and alluring elements portrayed in the pilot episode may lose their charm as the series proceeds, but only time can tell.

You can catch How to Keep a Mummy on CrunchyRoll on Thursdays.

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  1. Yes, there’s definitely a few of us doing a wait and see on this one because while the first episode was super charming it didn’t give us much in the way of anything else.

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