30-Day Anime Challenge – Day 09: Favourite Anime Villain

Day 09: Best Anime Villain

If you read my Badass Anime Villains to Die For post, then y’all will probably know my answer to this one.

Makishima Shōgo from the cyberpunk crime fiction series: Psycho-Pass.

He is fucking brilliant, for starters. He’s a lover of books with a passion for the written word, which is sexy as hell, and in hindsight his overall motives behind what he does aren’t that evil… kinda, sorta… His indifference to killing and doing terrible things does, however. But Makishima spends the whole season propagating for independent thinking in humans and believes that Japanese society should be liberated from the technologically dominated fascist system, then proceeds to illustrate how corrupt the system truly is.

Definitely one of the best written villains in a long, long time, and he shall always be a favourite of mine.


Thank you so much for visiting me today! I hope the rest of your day and evening will be wonderful. Until next time, happy reading and happy otakuing! 🌸

8 thoughts on “30-Day Anime Challenge – Day 09: Favourite Anime Villain

  1. He was such a great villain. I’d love to see more villains written in a similar fashion. Someone where you could at least kind of see their point of view and you kind of respect them even if overall you still want them to fail.

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    • Aside from his murderous intentions, I was always rooting for him, haha. XD He was one of the few people who caught on to how corrupt the society had become regardless of claiming/marketing peace and perfection.

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  2. oh yeah, I love Makishima. The way he circumvented the system and started doing awful things is one of the best set ups I’ve seen in years. So many layers with just that one thing.

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  3. He is an amazing villain. I liked that he was sort of a deconstruction of a Byronic hero; as in, a Byronic villain. I also adored his interactions with the main characters (I always love a good hero and villain dynamic), particularly Kogami (of course) and even Akane (their one interaction was interesting, as was their philosophies being eerily similar). In a way, I kind of want a series from his perspective; it would be fascinating, since even as an antagonist, he’s sort of sympathetic. Plus, I kind of want more hints with his backstory 😂 Not the full one, for a character like him, some mystery is necessary, but some more concrete stuff.

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    • A small backstory would be amazing! I’d love to see, or even read in a novel form, more about Makishima. I feel it would be enlightening to learn more about what shaped him into who he was. 😆 And I agree, having a bit of mystery is very important.

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