30-Day Anime Challenge – Day 18: Favourite Supporting Female Anime Character

Day 18: Favourite Supporting Female Anime Character

You know, I was trying really hard not to make every post about Initial D, and it turns out that I’ve simply replaced the Initial D posts with GTO… Oops…

Urumi Kanzaki from GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

This girl… she reminds me so much of my ex-girlfriend. Kanzaki has many qualities that make her a very attractive character to me, both physically and intellectually. She is a literal genius, has gorgeously long hair, and she is sadistic as hell. Those are my superficial reasons for loving her.

Other reasons she’s my fave include her excellent chemistry with Onizuka, for one. They are a perfect match for one another in going to the extreme to outsmart the rival. He pushes her to be a more compassionate person, especially when it pertains to people of lesser intelligence than her. While she pushes Onizuka ability to be patient and keeps his arrogance on its toes. Secondly, when she makes her debut in the series, she is such a stuck-up, spoiled brat. But through Onizuka’s guidance and friendships that come out of those lessons, she turns into a loving, sassy lady with a strong heart. Her growth in terms of her ability to love is an element I will always appreciate about Kanzaki.

Did I mention that she’s sadistic and really fucking hot too?

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely afternoon and evening ahead. Until next time, happy reading and happy otakuing! 🌸

One thought on “30-Day Anime Challenge – Day 18: Favourite Supporting Female Anime Character

  1. I freaking love her too.
    I actually kinda raged when she was merged with another character for the live action adaptation. the blonde girl with different eye colors wasn’t in it live action. T.T but the smart character is folded over the bully girl, Anko, I believe.

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