My Favourite Spring Anime Simulcasts! (2018)

The Spring anime season has been one of the most enjoyable simulcast seasons for me in a long time! There are plenty of titles out there that have made me laugh, relate to, and get emotional over. The visuals have been breath-taking, the music a magnificent combination of traditional, jazzy, and an homage to hip-hop classics, and the narratives well-written with multi-facetted characters. Due in part to my excitement and part to my over-caffeinated energy, today, I would like to share my favourites with you, and one that I feel everyone who enjoys anime should check out.

I have a total of seven serials, in no specific order. Since I have a first impressions post for almost all of the anime I will be mentioning, I will not be going into lengthy details. I’ll provide the title, genre, episodes aired thus far, a link to the relative first impressions post, and a handful of elements that I love the most about the series.

Megalo Box

🥊 Shōnen, Sports (Boxing), Nanopunk
🥊 7 episodes
🥊 Check out my First Impressions here!
🥊 This is one of the most original anime that I have seen in years. Being a nanopunk boxing serial with superlative fucking music—a wonderful blending of grunge, hip-hop, and classical instrumental—that works extraordinarily with its dystopian setting, complex characters, brilliantly written narrative, and throwback animation style, it’s difficult not to be mind-blown or obsessed with it.

Golden Kamuy

🐻 Seinen, Japanese-style Western, Historical
🐻 6 episodes
🐻 Check out my First Impressions here!
🐻 Brutal as fuck violence that takes place during the Meiji era and revolving around an imaginative take on the whole treasure hunting concept, with really good writing and strange as hell characters? Uh, yeah, it’s not too good to be true. It’s just true. There’s also an excellent balance of morbid and feel-good humour, motifs on nativism along with nativistic culture, impressive building of suspense and intrigue, and beautiful snowy landscapes.

Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love

🌸 Shōjo, RomCom, Slice-of-Life
🌸 7 episodes
🌸 Check out my First Impressions here!
🌸 Probably in my top-three list of favourites this season, Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love is gorgeous with some of the best scenic animation I’ve seen so far in Spring. It’s also highly focused on the characters and their relationships with one another, whether platonic or romantic. It’s so laugh-out-loud funny and silly, while still being natural and relatable. Plus, there’s a fat, floofy kitty named Nyanko Big that I’m crushing on big-time.

Persona 5: The Animation

🃏 Seinen, Action-Fantasy, Video Game Adaptation
🃏 6 episodes (7th airs today)
🃏 Check out my First Impressions here!
🃏 While many people have been complaining about it, I absolutely adore the animation style. It captures the stylistic aesthetics of the original JRPG video game so bloody fantastically. I also like the way the story is formatted in the anime. It retains a lot of the mystery and suspense that you get from the game without all of the technical gameplay mechanics. Other shit I love: the use of the original Japanese voice actors from the game, the characters themselves who are all bizarre in their own ways, how adult and disturbing the plot is while simultaneously being a cheesy promotion of love and friendship, and motherfucking Morgana.

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

👑 Shōnen, Space Opera, Military Science-Fiction
👑 7 episodes
👑 Check out my First Impressions here!
👑 This adaptation is a glorious neoteric edition of a science-fiction masterpiece! My favourite aspect about this series is how it’s putting a refreshingly new and modern twist on a splendid classic! It draws quite a bit on the originals for inspiration, but it isn’t afraid to deviate away from it to create something that is new and inviting for people who have no experience with the franchise. This specific aspect is definitely a source of debate amongst die-hard fans, which I am, but I really appreciate what it’s doing, and it’s got me bloody hooked. Other awesome shit to love: the animation is spectacular; the space battles suspenseful, intelligently strategical; characters who have traditional motives for making the decisions they do, but it never feels stale or outdated; marvellously written; some of the best military science-fiction I’ve seen in years.

Kakuriyo ~Bed and Breakfast for Spirits~

🍵 Josei, Supernatural
🍵 7 episodes
🍵 Check out my First Impressions here!
🍵 Honestly, I never thought this anime would make my favourites list for the season, but it did. There really isn’t anything mind-blowingly fantastic about Kakuriyo, but that’s what makes it so charming. The story is simple, the characters are rather straightforward, the narrative is written well, but not the most scintillating. The anime is sincere in that it focuses on a young woman who wants to pay off her late grandfather’s debts. During her venture, she meets and befriends all sorts of folks, who develop bonds over delicious meals. This mundane and relaxing atmosphere, coupled with the traditional Japanese aesthetics, brings me back week in and week out for a lovely and chill time.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku

👾 Josei, Romance, Comedy
👾 6 episodes
👾 Ah, no first impressions for this show, as I began it super late in the season. But you can check out it’s MAL page here!
👾 Originally, I passed on trying this because of how dumb it looked from the PV. Then everyone raved about it and I sat down this past week and marathoned all the current episodes. Turns out the dumb one was me for not picking it up much sooner. Holy shit, this show is so funny and painfully accurate! It captures the awkwardness of otakus so beautifully whilst depicting realistic and genuine adult relationships between two people who consider themselves to be otaku. There’s tons of references to current anime, manga, and video games, with nerd-tastic gamer aesthetics, a fun opening song, and two couples that you build a heartfelt attachment to. It is legitimately the realist fucking thing on this season, quite possibly ever.

Those are my seven anime addictions for the spring simulcast season! Now just because I didn’t put a title on this list, doesn’t mean that I’m not enjoying it. These seven just have a much higher watch priority for me. Good examples of other serials I find pleasant include: Rokuhōdō Yotsuiro Biyorin and Devils’ Line (even though the manga is hundreds of times better because it hasn’t cut out vital information, unlike the anime). What are some of your spring simulcast favourites? Please, share them with me in the comments below!

Thank you so much for stopping by on this allergy-infested Saturday! May you have a lovely weekend. Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing! 🌻


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Spring Anime Simulcasts! (2018)

  1. I’m mainly watching sequels this season, Hinamatsuri being the one exception, but Wotakoi did pique my interest initially. So does the relationship between the two main characters actually resemble a real adult relationship? I’m tired of seeing so many “relationships” in anime basically consist of a flubbed confession, hand-holding, and, if we’re lucky, a prim and proper peck.


    • It encapsulates the relationship between two socially awkward people while following common Asian dating standards very well. The flubbed confession, hand-holding, & occasional peck is pretty much what Asian relationships usually entail, particularly ones that aren’t accustomed to PDA, like Japan.


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