30-Day Anime Challenge – Day 28: Favourite Quote from Any Anime Character

Day 28: Favourite Quote from Any Anime Character

This. Was. Difficult. As. Fuck. As a quote collector, I busted out with my small notebook and flipped through one page after another after another in attempt to find the perfect one. But after being alive for 30 years and going through some really tough shit in life, I came to understand that the simplest quotes in my little notebook were the most relevant, and these are my favourite.

“No matter how strong the pain is, it’s our duty to move forward. You’re wrong for running away from reality.” – Ryōsuke Takahashi

“Life is the same as when you’re driving… sometimes you go faster by letting go of the accelerator.” –Bunta Fujiwara

“A brat who is afraid to be hurt isn’t qualified to love someone.” –Eikichi Onizuka

“You think you can just escape? Walk out of this world like it’s some bad movie? It’s too easy to make like a bird. To flap your wings as you chicken out after causing all these problems. The tough part is walking. Taking what comes along and walking right through it. That’s what real people do.” –Eikichi Onizuka

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a magnificent evening. Until next time, happy reading and happy otakuing. 🌸

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