Top 8 Favourite Female Eyes in Anime!

Serious blog posts require a lot of thought and dedication, and while I absolutely adore putting them together and writing them, sometimes you need a break from the heavy stuff; just kick back and enjoy the smaller aspects of life. Like anime eyes, girls’ anime eyes to be exact.

One of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to crushing on an anime lady is their eyes. I love big, beautiful eyes that are expressive and more than just a generalised depiction that is the norm for the medium. This is especially true when you have a series or film that is less about the action and more about the individuals, with shots focusing more on their faces. I want eyes that can capture the depth of emotion that is being exhibited in most of those moments, more so if there is silence and no dialogue.

Today I’m going to share with you eight ladies who I feel have breath-taking eyes and the ones that have stuck with me over the years as one of the distinguishing qualities about them. With the exception of the very last one, the rest aren’t in any order. The last one is my favourite of the favourites.

Akira Tachibana – After the Rain (2018)

She has such beautiful eyes! I love the long lashes and soft, vivid colour of the purple. Her eyes are wonderfully expressive and it’s usually easy to gauge what she’s feeling when you look into them. I also like how it complements the shape of her face and other features, whether her hair is up or down.

Chihaya Ayase – Chihayafuru (2011)

Similarly to Tachibana, she has big, expressive eyes. I love it when she’s super excited because they become bright with delight, or if she’s thinking about something serious, you can feel the emotions that’s going into whatever is on her mind. I also admire the colour, which fits the scenery in the anime so wonderfully.

Yona – Yona of the Dawn (2014)

Yona has one of the most powerful stares that I’ve ever seen in anime. It’s a fierce gaze that is constantly glistening with grief and melancholy, even while being amid friends. When she is laughing warm-heartedly, you can still see the depth of the burdens that she carries. That fire of vengeance and sorrow is stunning.

Anemone – Eureka Seven (2005)

Her eyes are just sad and so terribly lonely. She’s mischievous, abusive, and an angry person. But she has been abused, used, and raised with coldness. You see it reflected in her gaze so clearly. It breaks my heart. Anemone also has one of the few pink eyes that I find lovely in anime as the design of it is delicate yet malevolent.

Mei Misaki – Another (2012)

Mei is one of those characters who is enveloped in mystery. Her eyes are the same. With her eyepatch, there is a slight sinister ambiguity to her that is charming. But when the eye patch comes off, it’s a vividly beautiful stare that sends chills down your spine and fills you with a great sense of the macabre. It’s all so Gothic and extraordinary.

Ed – Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Edward is a very inquisitive and free-spirited individual. This arises from the deep sense of loneliness that possesses her after being abandoned by her father. She buries that beneath a wondrously enigmatic intelligence and child-like curiosity that is seemingly never-ending. Yet, she’s kind and compassionate. You see this in her eyes. They are expressive as fuck and do a marvellous job of capturing her youth-like inquisitiveness. Fun fact: She was moulded after Yōko Kanno.

Victorique de Blois – Gosick (2011)

Similar to Ed and Anemone, Victorique faced a profound abandonment by her family and then was raised isolated, surrounded by books and a cold embrace of fear. Because of that she’s created this steel wall to protect herself and her emotions. She doesn’t have friends, or anyone who really gives a shit. Her gorgeous teal eyes do a superb job of showing the audience this audacious ferocity that she’s developed, not to mention the melancholy of loneliness that hide deep within her. The only time it begins to fall away is in face of her intellect and brilliant deductive capabilities while she’s working a case, or when she eats sweet, toothy desserts.

Major Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Unbelievably flawless. Being a fully augmented cybernetic human, the most spectacular thing about her eyes is how empty they are. Because they aren’t organically natural, they have an emptiness to them that is quite eerie and occasionally frightening. You won’t see emotion reflected in her gaze because they are literally incapable of eliciting or expressing emotions the way that naturally developed human eyes could. It compliments a tiny bit of the argument against cybernetic modifications: it lacks a soul, of the very things that makes humans, well, humans. It’s the most beautiful and utterly cryptic thing ever.

Those are my favourite female eyes in anime! I’m sure that if I sat down and went through my entire completed list of anime I’ve seen, I’d find more. Who knows, you may see a part two of this in the near future. 😉 Who has some of your favourite eyes in anime?

Thank you for taking the time to visit me. Until next time, happy reading and happy otakuing. 👁️👁️

12 thoughts on “Top 8 Favourite Female Eyes in Anime!

  1. MAJOR KUSANAGI IS NUMBER ONE MY HEART IS PLEASED. I agree with the others as well, although I think Chihaya would be my number two.

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  3. Two of my favorites are in this list which is awesome. Mei was such a great character (not to mention the fact that the entire anime was seriously amazing), and of course I don’t have to explain anything about the Major as she has always been my favorite alltime character:)

    • Yes!! The Major will always be my number one as well, haha. I loved Mei in the novel for Another, as well. I think she’s more flushed out in it. The side story, Another S is mostly just about Mei and I recommend it if you like the series! Has spoilers for the Another story, so it’s good that you’ve seen it already.

      • Okay…that’s just crazy. I just started in that novel last week 😊 Definitely agree with you on the novel for another. It was a great addition to the already wonderful anime (and honestly the anime is still one of the best horror animes that I have seen :))😊
        As for the Major…she is so awesome 😀😀

  4. E-Ed and Yoko Kanno?! I had to go Google that and – it’s true, they look so alike! Well, the more I know.

  5. So much yes to all of these!!! If I had to add a couple of my own, I’d go with the fierce gaze of Asuka from Evangelion, Krista’s pure wonders from Attack on Titan, and the ever-curious glow of Chitanda Eru of Hyouka.

    • Ah Krista! Yes that’s another good one. Haven’t seen Hyōka and it’s been years since I’ve seen NGE haha. But cool choices. ☺️

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