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As a lover of epic fantasies, and an aficionado of The Lord of the Rings franchise, I knew I had to do this tag when I stumbled across it this past weekend! It’s a short and simple questionnaire that inquires about your favourites within Tolkien’s mind-blowing literary universe. I also figured it would be a fun break from all of the super long stuff I’ve been pumping out lately. 😆

It was originally created by a BookTuber named Andrea Heckler and has nine questions total! I won’t be tagging anyone specific; I’ll just say that if you’re a Tolkien fan and haven’t done the tag (and are interested in trying it out), you should totally do it!


1. How did your Middle Earth journey begin?

The very first time that I learned anything about The Lord of the Rings was when my former partner had us marathon the extended editions of the films over a weekend. Shortly afterwards, I hunted down and read the books!

2. What is your favourite Middle Earth book?

The Return of the King. It was the creepiest of the three and has some of my most beloved interactions and scenes from all the books that I have read thus far. The Hobbit is a close second.

3. What is your favourite film?

This one is so hard to answer! I love and appreciate all of the films, with the exception of The Hobbit films, which I felt were unbearably atrocious for SO many reasons. But if I had to pick one from the original trilogy it would be The Return of the King.


4. Films or books?

Books, always and forever.

5. Who are your favourite characters?

Legolas and Gimli as a pair were definitely one of my favourites! The camaraderie that they built up over the course of the series was so splendid and entertaining. I also appreciated Legolas as an Elven ranger as that was my favourite build in Dungeons and Dragons before I ever knew what The Lord of the Rings was. Next, Aragorn. He is such a flawed and compassionate individual, as well as just your grade-A classic fantasy hero. Lastly, Gandalf. He’s a badass motherfucking wizard. Need I say more?

6. What Middle Earth race would you be?

I would probably want to be a Nazgûl, so I could ride the fell beasts! Even though they are dripping with malevolence and taint, they are fucking BADASS! Aside from that, I’d choose dragons or Elves.


7. Best actor/character casting match?

They were all so bloody excellent, as far as the original trilogy films! I’m going to have to go with my biases here. Aragorn/Viggo Mortensen because he had that loner persona, masculine voice, and gruff appearance down. Leglolas/Orlando Bloom because his slender body and wonderful pronunciation of the Elven language really encapsulated the character brilliantly. Gandalf/Sir Ian McKellen for the similar reasons as the previous one. Saruman/Sir Christopher Lee because that role was made for him. Let’s be real.

8. What is your favourite place in Middle earth?

Rivendell because it’s so breath-takingly stunning. Moria because of its sheer craftsmanship and size. Mirkwood Forest because it’s the scariest fucking place ever. Minas Tirith because it’s a mind-blowing masterpiece of architectural craftsmanship.



9. What is your favourite quote from the books and/or films?

Nobody tosses a dwarf!” –Gimli

“There is always hope.” –Aragorn

“He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.” –Gandalf

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2 thoughts on “The Tolkien Tag

  1. I had a real tough time getting through the LOTR trilogy. Made through The Two Towers, but Tolkien’s style just doesn’t do it for me. Multiple entries describing fangorn forest with relatively little time dedicated to the battle Helms Deep was enough to completetly deter me.
    I like the imagery and all, but it was a little dense for my taste.

    I really like the original movie trilogy, but have a strong aversion to the Hobbit ones. You can tell they reeaaalllyyyy stretched the amount of content that was actually there as opposed to having to slim it down.

    • Oh The Hobbit films were SO bad. They added so many unnecessary and irrelevant subplots to it, plus, as you mentioned, stretching things out. It was also such a terribly crafted trilogy. Super rushed.

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