Summer 2018 Anime Watchlist!

Ah, it’s that splendid time of year again, where one season of poor to mediocre to fantastic shows comes to an end, so another season can begin anew. While I enjoyed a few serials over the Spring, most of what I ended up watching fell short in some ways. But I will admit that a couple of serials that I had low to no expectations for, surprised me in wonderful ways! I decided to take that optimism into my search for stuff to watch during the Summer simulcast season!

Because I like to focus on other types of content on BiblioNyan, such as books, comics, otaku culture, and now Asian cinema, I always limit the number of simulcasts I will watch during a season. It helps me balance other activities and keeps me from burning out. For the Summer season, my predicted watchlist consists of seven serials. My max for a season is ten, so I’m definitely within my stress-free range. This makes me excited because it means I have some freedom to pick up another show or two if they end up floating my fancy.

In this post, you will find all relevant information about the series, including the source material and a brief synopsis (sourced from various anime places and put into my own words). I’ve also included a tiny snippet of why I’m interested in checking out the respective anime. None of them are in any specific order either.

Please let me know if any of these sound interesting to you, or if you have another show you’re excited about that’s not listed, please share them with me in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you! ♥

Attack on Titan Season 3

  • Japanese: 進撃の巨人
  • Source: Manga series by Hajime Isayama
  • Genre: Shōnen, Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic
  • Studio(s): Wit Studio, Production I.G.
  • Director: Masashi Koizuka
  • Synopsis: The third season in the world-wide phenomenon, following members of the Survey Corps. as they try to decipher the mystery behind giant humanoid beings known as Titans, all the while protecting humankind from them.
  • Why I’m Interested: I’ve been following the series since season one, and I’ve even read some of the manga. While I was sorely disappointed with Season Two, I want to see how things will turn out this time around.
Grand Blue
  • Japanese: ぐらんぶる
  • Source: Manga series by Kenji Inōe & Kimitake Yoshioka (Illustrator)
  • Genre: Seinen, Slice-of-Life, Comedy
  • Studio(s): Zero-G
  • Director: Shinji Takamatsu
  • Synopsis: This follows a dude named Kitahara Iori as he begins attending a college within an oceanside city called Izu. He moves into his uncle’s diving store, Grand Blue, and starts a journey of new friendships and living the dreamy college life.
  • Why I’m Interested: It looks like a fun show that’s going to have some breath-taking ocean scenery, which I’m a sucker for. Also, feels like it’s got the perfect summer ambiance.
Tenrō: Sirius the Jaeger
  • Japanese: 天狼 Sirius the Jaeger
  • Source: Original
  • Studio(s): P.A. Works
  • Director: Masahiro Ando
  • Synopsis: Taking place in the year 1930, in Japan’s Imperial Capital, a group of eclectic folks arrive, carrying musical instrument cases. These “Jaegers” are here to hunt down vampires and battle for a mysterious sacred relic known as “The Arc of Sirius.” Amid the Jaegers is a werewolf with a personal vendetta: to kill all vampires as revenge against his family being slaughtered.
  • Why I’m Interested: I’m a sucker for vampire shit. More often than not, it bites me in the ass (ha ha, see what I did there?) with disappointment. But this one takes place during a historical era on top of that, which just makes it even more interesting.
Free! – Dive to the Future –
  • Japanese:
  • Source: Original
  • Genre: Shōjo, Sports (Swimming), Slice-of-Life
  • Studio(s): Kyoto Animation, Animation Do
  • Director: Eisaku Kawanami
  • Synopsis: The third television serial in the Free! franchise, and the sequel to the film Free! – Take Your Marks!
  • Why I’m Interested: This series is one of my favourite feel-good serials. It will also force me to watch the films (which I’m behind on) to catch up for this new season.


Angolmois: Genkō Kassen-ki
  • Japanese: アンゴルモア 元寇合戦記
  • Source: Manga series by Nanahiko Takagi
  • Genre: Seinen, Historical
  • Studio(s): NAZ
  • Director: Takayuki Kuriyama
  • Synopsis: The narrative revolves around a group of samurai attempting to defend Japan from the first Mongol invasion in 1274.
  • Why I’m Interested: It’s a historical series that sheds light on an era of Japanese history that’s rarely represented or examined! Sold, bro.
Phantom in the Twilight
  • Japanese: ファントム イン ザ トワイライト
  • Source: Original
  • Genre: Shōjo, Action, Supernatural
  • Studio(s): Linden Films
  • Director: Kunihiro Mori
  • Synopsis: This is a Chinese-Japanese anime taking place in modern-day London, where a young girl arrives as a study abroad student. Upon arriving, she’s immediately caught up in a strange incident at her university. Unfamiliar with the area, and with no one to turn to, she eventually stumbles into a local night-time only café called Café Midnight. Up arriving she meets a slew of handsome men, all workers at the café, who turn out to be vampires.
  • Why I’m Interested: Yes, it’s because of the vampires, but also because I feel like this may be really bad. But then the big question is: will it be awesome bad, or avoid-it-like-the-plague-it-is bad?
Kyōto Teramachi Sanjō no Holmes
  • Japanese: 京都寺町三条のホームズ
  • Source: Light novel series by Mai Mochizuki & Yamōchishizu (illustrator)
  • Genre: Seinen, Mystery
  • Studio(s): Seven
  • Director: Noriyashi Sasaki
  • Synopsis: In Kyōto’s Teramachi Sanjō shopping district, resides a small antique shop. Yagashira Kiyotaka, the shop’s owner’s son, works there part-time and is known as the local “Holmes” due to his deductive capabilities. One day, he meets high-schooler Mashiro Aoi in the store. Seeing potential in the young girl, they team up and help solve cases given to them by the shop’s clients.
  • Why I’m Interested: I love mystery shows and this ones sounds like something I would enjoy quite a bit.

Those are the seven shows that I’m planning on checking out during premier weeks one and two. If I had to choose a most-anticipated, it’d have to be Free!. I’m so weak for the swimmer boys. They just make me laugh and entertain me so much. My close second would have to be Attack on Titan. While the second season made me frustrated and cheated, I am curious to see what they will cover in the new season.

Thanks for taking the time to visit me today! Until next time, happy reading and happy otakuing. 🌴

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation!! I think I would love the vampire ones actually, because I love vampire shows!

  2. I totally agree with you on that second season of Attack on Titan. Still, season 3 will deff be one of the three we follow for the Week In Review this summer.

  3. Most of these sound pretty snazzy. The samurai one sou ds like a perfect lead up to the new game coming out based in that same time period. The 1930s vampire one also sounds pretty awesome. Hops it lives up rot the prenise

    • 🤣🤣 This was a fun comment to decipher. Lol. I tease ya cause I love ya. I’m hoping the 1930s vampire one turns out good. It’s been… way toooo long since we’ve had a good vampire anime.

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