June’s Blogsphere Highlights #2!

Welcome to the second half of June’s Blogsphere highlights! In case if you are new here, or just checking out these posts for the first time, this is a bi-monthly segment here on BiblioNyan where I share some really fantastic posts I’ve discovered from fellow bloggers during the month. Since there are so many wonderful bloggers and content out there, I do this twice a month. The one that goes up at the end of the month also includes some of my favourite posts that I’ve written during the relative month as well.

As a content creator, I respect other content creators and feel that we should all support one another in our blogging shenanigans as a big family rather than creating competition. In my experience, it’s far more fulfilling to share the love than to focus on negative things. ♥

After sharing a list of my favourite posts that I wrote myself for the month, everything that’s listed—from other bloggers— shall be broken down by post type (books, anime, comics, etc.) to the best of my ability. If you have any posts/bloggers that you feel are marvellous, please share them in the comments section that everyone can go pay them a visit.


The Best o’ BiblioNyan:

Books & Comics:

Anime & Manga & Video Games:

Mental Health & Blogging:

If you get some time, please go visit these blogs and the amazing work that they create. They all work so hard and they deserve all of the love and support ever. If you know of any bloggers or specific posts that you felt were absolutely mind-blowing or brilliant in any way, please share them in the comments section and help me spread the joy. ♥

Thank you for taking the time to visit me today. Until next time, happy reading and happy otakuing. 💙

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13 thoughts on “June’s Blogsphere Highlights #2!

  1. I’m late to the party, as per usual, but thank you so much for the shoutout—I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed not only the show, but my post too! ^.^

    • You’re welcome and I do it to support the community, as well as to make people smile and feel good about being content creators. That little push of support can be very uplifting.

  2. Oh thank you so much! I really appreaciate people when they work harder just to support other creators! 😀
    Thank you so much for sharing my little post on Dragon Age: Inquisition eheh

  3. ” One of the best book reviews I’ve read all month” If your aim was to make me blush here (as so many people seem always fond to keep doing to me) I can tell you that you succeeded. Thanks so very much for the shout out, and these amazing words. To be featured on your blog and amongst all these other bloggers is an honor 😊 Thank you again, this was a perfect end to this day (it’s almost midnight here 😀).

  4. It’s awesome that you take time to share other bloggers’ posts.

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