Miniature Blogging Hiatus Announcement! (July 9th to 12th)

Good evening, friends.

Tonight, I will be announcing my miniature blogging hiatus. I mentioned this briefly over on Twitter, but I wanted to share it with you all here in case if any of you don’t have Twitter or other social media platforms.

My dad has fallen ill within the past couple of days. Luckily, it is nothing life-threatening or super serious, and his recovery/treatment for the illness is mostly a game of patience. However, I wanted to make sure that he gets healthy as quickly as possible, and I also don’t want my mum to have to bear the responsibility of trying to support him by sacrificing her own health and well-being.

So, for the next week, I shall be spending almost all of my time with my parents. Depending on how my dad recuperates, I should return to blogging on Friday, July 13th! Additionally, I decided not to pre-schedule any posts for two reasons: 1) I just don’t have the energy or availability to schedule that much content ahead of time, and 2) I don’t want to exert my mental and physical strength, so that I can better support my parents.

I promise that I am not walking away from blogging on a permanent basis. It’s really a matter of prioritising my family before my work. Thank you to everyone who offered kind words of support and understanding already. I appreciate every single one of my followers, whether it’s over on Twitter or here on my blog. The gratitude that I feel for you cannot be expressed with mere words. This community has been such a gift for me in my life and I will cherish it always. (I know, that’s super emotional. Nothing like people you love getting terribly sick to make you feel emo as all heck.) Thanks for being a part of my blogging family, and for helping me evolve as a blogger to become better and comfortable with it.

Kakashi Thumbs Up

My DMs on Twitter are open, and I will check those often, but aside from that, my interaction over there and here will be limited. I do plan on reading blog posts while I’m away to keep up with your awesome content, but I won’t be able to comment or share much until I fully return. When I do return, I will be doing it with the month’s first July Blogsphere Highlights segment, so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks once again. Please take care and make sure to do any self-care that you need to do! There is nothing wrong with prioritising your own mental, emotional, and physical well-being above your blog. In fact, it is essential to being a blogger, so you can avoid burning out.

Love, hugs, and kitty-cat kisses to you all! 🧡

Kakashi Leaving

12 thoughts on “Miniature Blogging Hiatus Announcement! (July 9th to 12th)

  1. Well, as I already said over on Twitter, I completely understand. Real life always takes please take care, and I hope your dad will be better soon. And of course looking forward to your return 😊😊

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  2. To paraphrase a certain woken individual. Your return will be held in great AnticiPATION. 😛 sorry couldn’t resist, but yes I do look forward to your return, your break was needed to rest and recharge and I know you’ll come back as GLORIOUS as ever!


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