July’s Blogsphere Highlights #1 (2018)

Happy spoopy Friday the 13th! I am officially back from my small hiatus, which means Jason did not get me! My dad has returned to excellent health and humour once again. Thank you so much for all of your words of kindness, positivity, and support. You’re really the best community. ♥

To kick-off my official return to fun blogging theatrics, I wanted to share a handful of fantastic posts from various content creators around July’s blogsphere. In the midst of all the stress and anxiety from the past week, reading your posts kept me feeling excited, inspired, and motivated to return quickly and work harder than ever. You all are so brilliant and creative, and I hope that I can share a bit of your wondrous contributions as a way to show my appreciation of all you do.

Everything will be broken up into relative categories. Please, check these out and discover some amazing people to add to your readers!


Books & Comics:

Anime & Manga:

Films & Gaming:

Mental Health & Blogging:

If you get a moment, please do visit these remarkable people and their marvellous creative corners. Once more, thank you for your continued support and understanding. I appreciate you! ♥

Thank you for visiting me today. Until next time, happy reading, happy otakuing, and happy blogging! 🧡


14 thoughts on “July’s Blogsphere Highlights #1 (2018)

  1. You are really amazing you know that? You always care so much for others: really amazing😀 Thanks so much for sharing my post and the kind words: you are just too kind. I’m very happy to hear your dad is doing well. Have a great weekend: enjoy it😀😀

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      • Well despite the occasional wordpress issue (really what is it with those comments of mine getting sent to spam every time), I’m having a pretty good weekend. Really enjoying writing again, and having a blast with it.
        Hopefully your weekend is going well too 😊


  2. oh my gosh thank you for all the sweet words! i’m so glad you enjoyed my post–these are definitely things I wish more people were aware about! and oooh I am so going to have to check out the other blog posts you linked–these types of highlights are so helpful because my reader is a mess but now I can find all sorts of amazing content! thank you!!

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