Weekend Reads #21: Swashbucklers and Sinister Sirens

Happy Saturday to you! I sincerely hope that your weekend is filled with much happiness and relaxation. My plans for the weekend consist of trying to tackle a couple of books so I can finish them in time to return them back to the library in a day or two. I also plan on visiting a park or a lake so that I can take some fun bookish pictures for my amateur Bookstagram account. All in all, a rather cosy and comfortable weekend is planned out. Let’s hope that it stays that way!

For today’s post, I’m going to keep it short and simple by sharing the two books I will be focusing on, and a brief list of others that I may pick at in between!

Or Else My Lady Keeps the Key by Kage Baker

This is a short high fantasy novel by the late Kage Baker that revolves around a former bricklayer who tried his hand at piracy before getting shanghaied into war. But when he discovers that being a pirate’s life doesn’t pay nearly as well as he had hoped, he returns to Jamaica after the war to re-start his business as a bricklayer. However, as a promise to his dying comrade, he delivers a letter to the man’s mistress before starting his life, only to get swept away in an unexpected hunt for treasure.

I’m about forty pages into it and so far, it has been enjoyable. The pages are beautifully decorated with pirate-like skulls and lines, which makes it much more inviting to read, and the dialogue and descriptions perfectly fit the time era, creating a nice and authentic ambiance.

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

This is a young adult fantasy novel about the siren princess named Lira who has accumulated sixteen hearts of human princes. As she prepares to acquire her seventeenth, something goes terribly awry and she is forced to kill one of her own. As punishment for her crime, the Sea Queen sentences Lira to become the one thing she loathes most: human. Lira has a limited amount of time to get a powerful prince’s heart, or face being a human forever.

I’m only a few pages into this and while the writing style is more average than not, I do like the premise. Lira is a very arrogant person, which given her accomplishments she has the right to be. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a case of a woman sacrificing her independence and intelligence for love.

Those are the two books that I will be trying very hard to finish before the weekend is up. In between them, I will be picking at some of my current reads, which includes:

  • Sword Art Online #1: Aincard (LN) by Reki Kawahara – I am almost finished with this book and so far, I absolutely love everything about it!
  • Ice Forged (The Ascendant Kingdoms #1) by Gail Z. Martin – I am about one-fourth to one-third of the way through this one, and I really like the set-up for the political intrigue, as well as a few surprises relating to classic fantasy races. It reads fast as well.

Please let me know if you have read any of the books that I’ve mentioned or if they sound interesting to you at all! I’d love to hear your thoughts on these.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me today! I appreciate your support. Until next time, happy reading and happy otakuing! 💜

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #21: Swashbucklers and Sinister Sirens

  1. I’m really glad to hear that you are enjoying the Sword Art Online novel so much. I really loved it myself too, and kind of need to get back to reading the next one which has been gathering dus on my shelves for ages lol. I hope you will have a great weekend. Me? I will be spending it by watching the way too addictive Lawless Lawyer korean drama 😊

    • It’s been making me want to re-watch the first season of the anime, not gonna lie haha. Have a great weekend! 💙

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