30-Day Book Challenge: Day 07 – Book That Makes You Laugh

Day 07: A book that makes you laugh.

I’m going to have to go with another manga series here and it is without a single doubt Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura. This was the first manga series to make me laugh out loud, fall to the floor laughing, and have tears streaming down my face with laughter. Even with all of the comedy, there is so much depth to it. But the humour definitely makes it phenomenal.

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7 thoughts on “30-Day Book Challenge: Day 07 – Book That Makes You Laugh

  1. I’d have to go with “Fart Proudly!” a compilation of Benjamin Franklin’s humor.

  2. Fuck yes, this goddamn series, holy shit (I’m cursing like you now, lol). Even though it’s so funny, at its heart it’s about a girl who’s trying to recover from betrayed by the person she held in the highest regard. I feel this should sound similar to you, young lady. She shows perseverance and character growth that is phenomenal, also like you. πŸ˜‰

    • Mwahahahahahaha, corruption successful! Lol. And yeah, you’re absolutely right. I think that’s part of the reason why I love it, because of how much I can relate to it.

  3. As you know I am not a huge fan of comedies, and as such I don’t read/watch many of them. I’m glad you enjoyed these though 😊😊 The one manga I remember reading and enjoying a lot (and making me laugh with tears in my eyes) was Urusei Yatsura. That one was great 😊😊

    • I really need to read that one! I love Skip Beat because it’s more than being a comedy. It’s about a girl who is left to pick up the pieces of her broken emotions in the wake of being betrayed by the person she held in the highest regard. In the process, she gets so much stronger emotionally and mentally, develops deep friendships, and helps so many people on her dysfunctional journey to being independent.

      • That really sounds pretty good indeed 😊😊 Okay, I will add it to my list. You convinced me πŸ˜‰I’m probably not going to get around to it in quite a while, but I never say never to anything 😊

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